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My Bio page: I'm a published author, stone carver, artist, painter, photographer, metal worker. I have a vivid imagination and can create almost anything for you. From banners and adverts, written works to jewelery design, blog postings, cover art, design and album art. I've created many stone carvings, from statues to jewelry to little nick nacks, and spiritual items. I've wrote five books thus far, created several album and song art covers for bands world wide, as well as started creating my own songs and doing the album art for them. If you need textures for game mapping I can provide them, and with the right software, like Qoole 99 or some other game editor I can create fantastic game maps and levels. I've created maps for games like Quake 2, as well as addons for games like Morrowind elder scroles. need photos retouched? I can do that as well, are you interested in digital paintings, or digitally enhanced art work, I'm skilled at both. If office stationary is your need, or you need a new logo design for something I've acquired skills to do such things. I'll put in all my skills and effort into any project I'm committed to and have no problem admitting if something is with in my skill set, or above and beyond it. Please visit my Bio page for more information, photos and written works.