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I'm a freelance writer with backgrounds in graphic design, web development, publishing, and a strong background in spirituality. While I don't tend to push my spiritual views, I am capable of writing good, strong articles in a variety of subjects which may or may not address these. Graphic design is something I love, and I always look forward to the next creative idea. While my style isn't what everyone likes, I do prefer to keep things simple and straightforward, communicating ideas rather than being photographically correct. My web development plate is full these days, as I'm running four web sites on my own, and managing something close to 700 users. In my personal life, I'm a father of five, raising children more or less on my own, and have been involved in various community projects as well. Some people wonder how I sleep. The answer is simple: time management. My love for creative endeavors keeps me going; my kids ensure that I'm productive in my creativity.



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