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Green Cost Enterprises, a fiancial investments company is looking for a ...

A $750 Logo Design project

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I really enjoyed working with Radia, really good and clear feedback, and fast responses to my questions. pyro14


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Design a logo for a multi-layer, eco-friendly pipe Logo Design $299 Complete 296
Create a logo for a new range of MEP products Logo Design $719 Complete 245
A building materials company is looking for a brand name for its new range of MEP products Product Naming $479 Complete 226
Website for a leading Pipes & Fittings manufacturer Large Website $1500 Complete 89
Design a website for a Holding Company Small Website $1500 Complete 151
Website for a leading geosynthetics manufacturer Small Website $1500 Complete 83
Design website for a retail business Small Website $1500 Complete 69
Design a logo for a retail business Logo Design $799 Complete 373
Logo for an investments Company Logo Design $719 Complete 237
Design a logo for an investments company Logo Design $200 Complete 71