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I'm a wife and mom- I have 4 daughters ranging from teenagers to a 5 yr old. I love God and my family with all my heart~ and am very excited to start my drawing career! :) I've been drawing since I was a little girl... I LOVE TO DRAW :) I believe God gave me this gift to use to encourage and bring joy to others~ I have been trying to find a way to use this gift as a source of income for my family and still be able to stay at home with my kids. I'm brand new to "graphic design"... I have been drawing "old school", meaning only on paper. I started drawing my pictures by hand and then scanning them and editing them, and have just recently began learning how to include new graphic designing software and create fun new projects. Since I am fairly new to the "graphic design/logo" business, I only understand a few of the rules for sizes and other computer lingo that applies to graphic design. I want to learn and I am a fast learner- I am willing to work with people and gather ideas to get you (or anyone else) what they are looking for :) Most of my drawings are "cartoony" style. I have taught preschool and daycare my whole life. I have drawn so many coloring books and have a HUGE portfolio of most of my work that I've kept in paper form but have not transferred completely to the computer yet. I am teaching myself to design more "simple and professional" looking products, as this is what a majority of the companies are looking for, so my style is becoming much more varied. I have always dreamed of drawing children's books, or having some kind of line of products, (similar to Suzy's Zoo). I use my drawings right now for birthday cards/ thank you cards, etc... for family and friends. I make framed pictures for family/ friends for Christmas and birthdays. If my drawing/ graphic style is not something you could use right now, I completely understand. I also can be flexible and am anxious to learn new ideas. Thank you very much for considering me, and please tell other buyers about my work if it's something they would like :) ~Larisa Calloway (Sheree')