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As a child I enjoyed exploring painting with acrylics on every kind of material and surface including plastic, walls, wood, paper and canvas. I used to collect some of these items from "recycling" bins and use these as my ‘canvases’.  I graduated with a Master’s degree in Communications Science from the Philosophy and Literature University of Perugia, Italy. My final project analysed traditional animation and computer graphics and drew comparisons between techniques which were common to both media. Over the course of my five years study in university I was given the opportunity to study various media such as journalism, comics, animation and virtual life. I was also able to trace the evolution of new media as an answer to growing social and technological demands and advancements. During this time I continued to work and paint with traditional painting techniques and further my passion.  In 2001/02, my second year of university, I took a painting course at the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia”. One of the main topics was the relationship between paintings and music. The music I listened to whilst painting formed crucial stimulus to the paintings I created. I enjoyed the course and I worked hard to do practical experiments drawing and painting while listening to different kinds of music. My theory is that music has a major influence on the creativity and technique employed by the artist. I believe that music can increase human creativity. I did experiments with classical music, medieval music, jazz, electronic music, satanic music, rock, minimal music and lyrical music.  My art is really extensive as I’m able to absorb a lot of different ideas from my everyday experiences and also from my present and past studies. My art is connected with character animations but at the same time still firm in its exploration of figurative art and Human nature. ​ In 2006 and 2007 I was living in Barcelona, Spain where I studied illustration at the FemArt school. I have also studied a BTEC in Interactive use of Media in Brighton, Uk, and I am nearly to finish a second level MA in Traditional and Digital Animation.