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What can I say about me? I can tell you that I am a whiz with words. A veritible verbal virtuoso! Now that we have that out of the way... My strengths are taglines, naming projects and short writing items such as short stories & quizzes. I tend to think outside the box and get out on those skinny branches. I really enjoy buyers who give feedback. When you feed me, I grow ideas! I love being creative and quirky, but if need be I can get down to the "bare bones" of a task and go all pro. Happy Tidings!

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Create Quizzes/Questions for Couples

A $750 Web Content project

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Kate always submits multiple entries to our projects and is quick to take any feedback and revise her submissions. questionfactory

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Name for fast casual restaurant serving plant-based proteins. Company Naming $200 Awarded 360
SolarCity Christmas Card Marketing Copy $350 Awarded 62
Cool new mobile app needs a name Product Naming $200 Awarded 359
Website & Company Name Company Naming $300 Awarded 284

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