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A $250 Logo Design project

JUSTFORFISHING received 73 entries from 16 designers. View this project »

thanks for approve my design. I hope we can work together on next project.. Thanks Best Regards Luke.Concept LukeConcept


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Logo for RONIN EDGE show its strength, sharp, power, spirit. Logo Design $200 11 days 25
Illustration of general purpose knife with unique handle Illustration $299 4 days 5
Name of knife use for fishing, hunting,outdoors activities, as well as kichen, cooking..etc Company Naming $200 Complete 200
Window Box Graphics for "Viva" Tumbler Package Graphics $239 Awarded 17
Logo for a drinking cup named VIVA by OHERO brand, or "VIVA" Logo Design $200 Complete 123
Name a drinking cup, hold hot & cold long hour, anywhere to go, easy to carry Company Naming $200 Complete 220
LOGO FOR "ST. PETE FISHING OUTFITTERS" Logo Design $200 Complete 62
LOGO FOR "ST. PETE FISHING OUTFITTERS" Logo Design $200 Complete 0
LOGO FOR "AAA SPORTY" Logo Design $200 Complete 109
LOGO FOR "TIE-N-LOCK" CABLE TIE Logo Design $200 Complete 73