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Member since: aug 30, 2011

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With an uncanny knack for “spinning words into gold”, I can find the perfect name for your products, company, and/or brand. Receiving a Young Authors Award at a young age, being in all advanced Reading and English classes all throughout school, and even winning my school Spelling Bee: This is something I was born to do! I’ve always been very creative and imaginative, and I am great with coming up with fresh ideas and thinking “outside of the box”. Also I have an Associates of Arts degree, and am currently in college working on a degree in Business, while taking other classes in different areas of study at the same time. I have taken many classes in writing, arts, acting, and improv. These classes have helped to boost and spark my creativity, and to think of cool ideas that others might not ever think of. I know how to create an iconic name that customers will love; and like a catchy tune, they won’t be able to get it out of their heads! I don’t want to toot my own horn, or anything, but feel free to checkout my trophy mantle on my profile page. I will help you to discover that perfect, winning name that you desire, and you will leave Crowdspring having met all your business goals and dreams!

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Name for fast casual restaurant serving plant-based proteins. Company Naming $200 Awarded 360
Human capital Investments Company Naming $300 Awarded 377
Short and distinctive name for a startup company Company Naming $250 Awarded 232
Cool new training business Company Naming $300 Awarded 267
Foodservice Management Company needs a new creative name! Company Naming $200 Awarded 257
Naming for "Another Design Crowdsourcing" service Company Naming $250 Awarded 334

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