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From Argentina right to your company. I'm a freelance designer and writer, neither I am professional at, but I put my heart and soul into everything I do and every company will get nothing but the best from me, that is assured. I am very exigent with myself so if something I am working in isn't up to my standard it will be modified to my liking or the liking of the customer. I am a good feedback-taker, I always look forward to it because it's the best guidance a creative can have to improve and grow as a designer. I'm easy to contact and fluent in both Spanish and English. They say that Argentine people is passionate and I'm a designer/writer ready to fill my work with that passion.

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300 tech group refine

A $125 1-to-1 Design project

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FacundoRomano was a great creative to work with! dmooney7

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Name for new nonprofit that builds community economic resiliency through worker ownership Company Naming $200 Awarded 477

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