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My name is Eric. I daydream things into reality. You see, I love being creative. My childhood imagination never quite left me. I love stories, images, ideas, products, music... these are all things that populate my daily inner life. These can be turned into outer reality and shared. That's what drives me forward. What dreams do you have? How can I help make them real? My experience combines knowledge and practical experience from 25 years working in video production and screenwriting with 20+ years of sales/business experience and 30+ years in small businesses. This melding of communications, technical and creative knowledge helps me to be a creative, problem solving powerhouse. As a teen I worked in the family business. Small business is my home. I understand the uniqueness of small business process, workflow and sales. I started my official sales career more than 20 years ago in broadcast, video system and software sales. I have sold products and services ranging from consumer products to enterprise software and just about everything in between. I have worked with individuals, small companies, large corporations and government agencies (local, state and federal) at one time or another. After college I worked in television production and still keep my hand in the creative side as an active screenwriter. I have also produced several short films and many business videos. I learned that good story telling was actually crucial to business success. Ask me how and why, I love to tell that story! Along the way I've earned my technical chops operating, designing and selling broadcast studios, audio-visual presentation facilities, streaming/encoding systems and video conferencing networks. I've worked with Cisco and Polycom writing and teaching courses on video conferencing technology. I believe in a consultative process, whether teaching a class, developing training curriculum, crafting an RFP, writing a proposal or designing a digital video work flow. My goal is to merge technology and process to create efficiency. I'd love to talk about how can I help you!