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Member since: jun 1, 2013

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Trends have always played a major role into my lifestyle or different things I create. Whatever I consider eye catchy or popular eventually gets incorporated into my new ideas. My formula has always been to design things universal mixed with my personally and what's hot on today's market. I've spent the past 9 yrs making transitions from one idea to the next having to overcome so many obstacles along the way. Currently, I've discovered alot of potential for success in my newest creation designed for multiple purposes. These universal smartphone cases will offer 10X more options than your average phone case. I still face unknown challenges ahead using what I already have as an entrepreneur-Vision & Hope. Life has taught me to "Expect the Unexpected" so that's my philosophy and motto. The people who inspired me tremendously were American Choppers due to their clients & fans anticipating an exclusive over the edge bike to represent their organization. By watching AC & analyzing my surroundings, I gained a few ideas and started off making customizable spinner shirts as a college student pursing a Robotics degree. I felt it was mandatory to start a clothing brand with a trend no one has ever tried or seen before to grab people attention and for everyone to remember. Spinning rims were very popular in 2004 which urged me to form a brand named Dee3 as an abbreviation of my actual name Desmond D. Dixon to represent the vision. Spinner shirts became noticeable to where it caught the attention of a Dallas city bus driver who gave me a free iPhone to show interest in the biz. iPhones were roughly $700 at the time Dec.2007. I never knew about iPhones nor cared about them until after a week in which I later discovered the next invention called iPhoneteez on New Years Day. These shirts were designed with an invisible pocket to secure iPhones and iPods designed for many purposes. Whether you like promoting your biz or need of a holder to enjoy the features on the devices hands free, these shirts got the job done. By early 2010, I needed an idea even more universal to cater to everyone. Among the list of ideas written down months prior to the iPad release i chose iChains to be next in line as a game changer and my greatest idea ever. I created my 1st iPad necklace between July & September to showcase and advertise my biz to thousands at different events we were attending. Over the years I've lived my dream to the fullest attending many events, tradeshows like Magic, MacWorld, and CES to generate awareness. When the Dallas Mavericks were crowned the 2011 NBA champs, I had the opportunity to really showcase my craft and experience victory. The journey for my work to be discovered continues. To follow my success visit the following links: Online store @ Digitaltrendsetters.com Personal page @ Facebook.com/oakcliffgenius Video page @ Youtube.com/dee3clothing Twitter Page @DTrendsetters DT Business page @ Facebook.com/digitaltrendsetters DT Business page @ Youtube.com/digitaltrendsetters