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I have always liked designing i started as a fashion designer which helped me improve my drawing in skills since i wasnt so good at human proportions and the body in general then i felt the need of improving myself thats when i decided to go graphical so i went to the graphic school university in my country and when i was about to finish i decided to go to UIC in chicago to study some media art even it was a short time it helped me introducing myself into animation and some web experiences. My skills will always be graphic and branding communication since they dont require so much of time , being a mom of two its hard to have some free time so i usually work when they sleep :)

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Photography Studio Logo Design

A $411 Logo Design project

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Excellent Designer - will use for future projects! mkdjventures

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Create an inspiring, delightful, upscale logo for LettersTo Logo Design $1119 Awarded 342
SALT Restaurant Logo Design $200 Awarded 175
Victoria Residential Logo Design $400 Awarded 152

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