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Can you do a logo that's edgey and professional?

A $600 Logo Design project

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i love to work on this project, your style preference is perfect for me, less is more,more with less. contact me anytime if you want to s... mootova


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Wisdom Works Logo Project Logo Design $719 Complete 406
Logo for Brickwork Financial Planning, Ltd. Logo Design $750 Complete 1058
Logo for: Monday Wealth Management Logo Design $749 Complete 930
New Logo Project for Sophisticated Financial Advisory Firm Logo Design $749 Complete 884
A logo for a financial advisory firm bringing ease and intellect to financial planning Logo Design $720 Complete 678
Help us make a good logo great Logo Design $530 Complete 328
Logo for a Consulting & Training Firm for Top End Financial Advisors Logo Design $700 Complete 606
A logo for a diligent and insightful benefits and pension consulting firm. Logo Design $700 Complete 850
New Corporate Identity / Stationery for Financial Services Firm (logo already exists) Letterhead & Stationery $1000 Complete 294
A logo that reflects the heart and soul of a great family-focused business. Logo Design $700 Complete 230