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It all started so well. I was on the graduate scheme for the world's largest market research agency after receiving an Honours degree in English Literature and Philosophy from a top 5 British University. So what happened? An anniversary. No - I didn't forget THAT one! It was a director at my office; 'celebrating' fifty years with the same company. A cake was bought, and stifled claps broke the silence. Fifty years with the same company! And the same desk as me! And the same working hours! I handed in my notice. And here I am, doing exactly what I love. It's been tough, but I now get to write for clients all over the world; clients like you. I actually work a lot harder now than I had been doing at my multi-national in the City of London. But, as a father, it no longer feels like work. The internet is an amazing thing. It connects dreamers like myself who want to design a life and are willing to work hard and smart to do so – with people like you who are growing your business; and I think that we're quite the same. Crowdspring is such an excellent place. It's not only the middle-man that allows us to help one another, but also a community that gives back the friendship that online work can sometimes take away. Thanks for saving me from the fate I saw that day in rainy London; and if you ever wonder why I work so hard I can tell you that it's not due to fear, but gratitude.