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It’s been constant my entire life. Most would probably consider it to be a curse of random, discombobulated thoughts. I am somehow able to tap into this an withdraw jolts of creativity. Sometimes slogans, other times logos, I even have a couple products I need to get patented. Whatever I do it always seems to creative, and in some way my own style. Along with being somewhat of a computer geek I consider my self to be a pretty big people person. In my opinion this makes me extremely easy to communicate with. I’m not ever opposed to constructive crticism. It’s my first priority to make all my clients happy with the work I provide, and here in the world of CrowdSpring I don’t intend keep that same level of integrity. I welcome invitations to future projects of all kinds. I also encourage you to help spread the word about CrowdSpring to others so that future projects are very abundant for us creatives as well.

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Salter Motorsports logo design

A $250 Logo Design project

BOLD participated with 11 other designers who submitted 76 entries and was awarded $250. View this project »

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pevra business consultant Logo Design $496 Awarded 108

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