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Syria PPT Slides

A $200 Presentation project

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Very open, supportive and I would say an ideal client ( which is rare to come by). Thank you Applied Memetics for choosing me. renovung


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Sahel Barkhane News Website Logo Logo $200 Complete 31
Logo re-design for internationally-focused digital media company Logo $499 Complete 136
Venezuela Encendida logo for a news web-site about Venezuela focusing on the protests, etc. Logo $200 Complete 70
Design a logo for North African news site Logo $200 Complete 37
Logo design for news and information website for the Central African Republic (CAR) Logo $200 Complete 45
Design a logo for a Central Asia region news site Logo $400 Complete 115
Design a logo for a Black Sea region news site Logo $400 Complete 147
Design a logo for a Cuban news site Logo $500 Complete 150
Logo design for Private Equity Company Logo $200 Complete 50
Logo for Global Digital Media Company Logo $300 Complete 85