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Some say think outside the box. That's cool. But what would your ideas look like if the box was never even there to begin with? All of your ideas would be "outside the box" right? Well that's me, I'm allergic to boxes. I could run down titles like copywriter, author and screenwriter, which are all true. But more than anything, I'm a storyteller. I communicate for brands and make the world familiar with what makes them unique. I have been in love with the written word since we first met and have always been fascinated with how ideas take shape. This is what I bring to companies, to brands, to people. I bring passion, curiosity and a love for seeing ideas come to life.

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Optometry Office/ Optical Shop

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Undershirt Goes Mobile! Tagline Project, Bonus Award! Tagline $400 Awarded 883
Cool new mobile app needs a name Product Naming $200 Awarded 359
Name a hotel/condo/retail property in Panama City Beach, FL. Company Naming $1000 Awarded 627
Name my website: P2P accommodation rental Domain Naming $220 Awarded 300

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