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I'm originally from New York, but I have lived outside the United States for the last eight years. Upon tiring of my job in politics, I headed south of the border for a year long adventure in Latin America, during which I studied in Guatemala, backpacked through several countries, and volunteered with children in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Lima. After a brief stop home, I moved to Asia, where I taught for five years in Korea and China. I now live in Honduras, where I am trying my hand as an entrepreneur. While that keeps me busy, I still enjoy finding time for creative outlets like the kind CrowdSpring offers. I look forward to working with you on your writing projects, be they naming, tagline, or longer assignments.

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Name a hotel/condo/retail property in Panama City Beach, FL. Company Naming $1000 Awarded 627
Name my website: P2P accommodation rental Domain Naming $220 Awarded 300

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