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Creative brief

Business Name

International Medical Aid

What does your company do?

Basic healthcare is a universal human right yet millions of individuals around the world lack access to even basic medical and wellness services. International Medical Aid is broad-based non-profit organization striving to improve access to medical and public health resources in the world’s most impoverished areas through fully staffed and strategically deployed mobile healthcare campaigns. Guided by strong core values of integrity, mutual respect and commitment to the communities we serve, International Medical Aid is pioneering the new standard for medical non-profits around the world.

Do you have an existing tagline or tagline(s) that you've previously used?

Where there is health, there is hope

What is your industry?

Health Care and Biotech

Describe your audience

Audience: Doctors, healthcare professionals (nurses, EMTs, etc), medical and pre-medical students who would like to work with us or volunteer in-country during one of our health campaigns abroad. Corporate donors (generally in healthcare), small business and individuals seeking to donate to our causes.

What 3 things do you want your tagline to communicate to your audience?

-Our organizations improves the health of a community
-Our organization has a vibrant and young culture dedicated to improving the world
-We are a globally based organizations with operations in many countries

List the taglines used by your top three competitors

-Doing the most good
"Protecting Health, Saving Lives—Millions at a Time"
-"Dedicated to All Better."

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

We want the character of organization to shine through the tag line; specifically, the youthful, entrepreneurial and dedicated spirit of our volunteers who are work tirelessly to improve lives around the world.

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

Not particularly

List your favorite taglines

-Doing the most good
"Protecting Health, Saving Lives—Millions at a Time"

Do you want to include additional info?

Global Initiatives:

The health of a community is the cornerstone of its success and well-being. With a defined focus in South America, East Africa and the Caribbean, International Medical Aid strives to improve the health of underserved individuals in these regions through mobile medical clinics and public health education programs. Taking a holistic approach, IMA collaborates with local leaders to develop sustainable, community-lead initiatives, which address the root causes of disease and illness.

Global Health Electives:

IMA Electives is an innovator in the field of non-profit medical and nursing electives for practitioners and students alike. By elevating the ethical standard in this industry, IMA Electives works to provide volunteers a safe, organized and mutually beneficial experience working in a clinical or community health setting in several destinations around the world.

Global Travel:

IMA Safaris works in tangent with IMA Electives to allow volunteers the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of IMA’s unique destinations. Through established relationships with trusted guides, hotels and travel organizations across the world, IMA simplifies travel arrangements for volunteers, while providing relatives back home a single point of contact for added peace of mind.

What We Need: A new logo that expresses our organizations fun, young and vibrant culture which is globally based.

Audience: Doctors, healthcare professionals (nurses, EMTs, etc), medical and pre-medical students, corporate donors (generally in healthcare), small business and individuals seeking to donate to our causes.