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Creative brief

Business Name

One World Futbol Project

What does your company do?

One World Futbol Project is a mission driven, B Corporation. We bring the transformative power of play to youth worldwide by making, selling and giving away nearly indestructible balls that are proven to survive the harshest environments. We collaborate with sponsors, organizations, governments and consumers to deliver balls to disadvantaged communities around the world where play is used to foster healthy development, promote peace, support education and help children discover their own heroic potential.

Do you have an existing tagline or tagline(s) that you've previously used?

We have used these taglines:
Keeping the Spirit of Play Alive.
Letting Children be Children No Matter Where They Live
Inspiring a World of Change through Play

We have considered a number of other taglines. Please see the attached materials for other taglines we have considered.

What is your industry?


Describe your audience

We have several audiences. Please see attached materials for more information.
1. Sponsors and Prospective Sponsors (corporations)
2. NGOs and government ministries in charge of sport, education and/or development
3. Communities of Interest - particularly around soccer (more commonly known as "football" outside the US)
4. Individual consumers - primarily in US and Canada currently but soon expanding to Europe

What 3 things do you want your tagline to communicate to your audience?

It may not be possible to convey all three of these things in a single tagline.
1. we make play possible for children even in the direst of circumstances
2. our partners use play to create social impact
3. our ball is indestructible

List the taglines used by your top three competitors

Competition is indirect. We compete for sponsors with many other types of services and products that connect to important social missions. One company with a comparable physical product (a ball), using the following taglines.
Innovate. Play. Empower.
Play. Power. Give.

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

light-hearted, playful

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

don't use the word soccer or football in the tagline

List your favorite taglines

"...because every kid deserves a chance to play" (www.fundafield.org)
"Ideas worth spreading" (www.ted.com)
"Action for a Healthy Planet" (www.acterra.org)
"Powered by Service" (www.zappos.com)

Do you want to include additional info?

Our balls replace either conventional soccer balls that cannot stand up to harsh terrains (barbed wire, streets, alleys, gravel, etc.) or they replace balls fashioned out of waste materials such as plastic bags, bottles, twine, rags, etc.