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Happy Shirts is a well established screen printer/ embroiderer in Honolulu Hawaii. We work with many of the larger special events in Honolulu including the NFL Pro Bowl, State Outrigger Canoe Championships, The Maui Marathon, The Kauai Marathon, The Ford Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Great Aloha Run and others.


We are looking for a creative, original design for the 2010

Molokai Hoe Molokai to Oahu Canoe Race. Race is in October.

This design will be used for race branding, promotional pieces,

on the website and for merchandise including t-shirts both mens

and womens styles of shirts on various colors. Design is limited

to 10 colors and placement on the shirts needs to be standard placement as we will be printing on finished garments so prints cannot run over seams, all over the shirts etc. If you submit a concept that we like but cannot be duplicated using our print process we will ask you to resubmit using our parameters. The logo design has sometimes appeared on the shirt ( see attached file of previous designs ) and sometimes not appeared.

For reference material on the race



there are photos and videos of the race that are on these sites. Please be aware that these are copyright protected and cannot be used without permission.

We are checking with event organizers to see if there are copyright released images that can be used. In the meantime please assume that there are no photos available that we can provide you. As we would actually prefer a graphic design rather than photos.

If you Google Hawaiian Canoe Paddling , outrigger Canoe Paddling or Molokai Hoe there are many different sites that have reference material and information available on the details of the race, photos of paddling crews and other reference material. It is important that the paddlers and the boats are depicted accurately. The paddlers competing are the best in the world and they want the paddling graphics to represent their skill level. The races are in 6 man outrigger Canoes that have canvas covers.

Also important that the design have compelling Hawaiian elements included in the design but should not look like a shirt that would be sale in Waikiki. As you can see from pdf files of shirts from previous years we had incorporated a tattoo look using various sea animal, turtles, sharks, manta ray along with canoe elements.

Color of shirts are going to be various colors, whites, lights and darks and design should be able to work on a variety of colors. Besides the simple one color logo there are not specific typestyles or

pantone colors that are required

We are looking for Creativity in your submissions and would love

to see a unique look that would appeal to the athletes and commemorate the 2010 race.


While this is a mens race we also would use the design or elements

of the design on womens/ kids tees for resale both to the paddlers

and to the general public. Age of the paddlers is 25-65 years old.

This race is considered the " Super Bowl and World Cup" of Hawaiian

Outrigger Canoe Club racing and features over a 1000 paddlers

and an international field of boats. This race has 9 men crews

in a 6 man boat alternating paddlers as the race starts on the Island

of Molokai and finishes on the Island of Oahu. This is an annual event and has been taking place since the 1950's. This year will be the 57th annual crossing of the Kaiwi Channel ( body of water between Molokai island and Oahu Islands )


Please see attached page of design styles that we like. Please note

these are furnished for reference only and none of these elements

can be copied or reused. We do not have ownership of any of these elements and are only shown for reference as to design style.


Name of the Event - Molokai Hoe

Year of the event - 2010

Molokai to Oahu Canoe Race

name of the presenting organization

"Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association"

Distance of race is optional but might be a good design element

( 41 miles )



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