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Creative Brief

Who are you?

I need a t-shirt designed for my girlfriend who is tall, blonde, beautiful, classy, has a great sense of humor & adventure, is a good athlete and is super-smart. I want to give her this t-shirt for her birthday and I hope it will be something she loves to wear for fun.

What do you need?

I need a fun t-shirt design of a Super Love Panther which will be a female panther in an action pose, ideally leaping or up on her hind legs swiping her paws.

I want her to be humanized-looking and compelling/attractive and a badass but NOT over-the-top adolescent sexy or anything like that. My girlfriend is in her late 30's so the illustration should be more tongue in cheek and tasteful-but-fun, not a 16 year old boy's idea of sexy.

I was also thinking it would be fun to give the illustration a 70's feeling too it, maybe even doing the letters in big groovy 70s-style. You can dress the panther or not, depending on what you think looks best. I want her to look like a very cool animation character: fierce but approachable and with a cuddly side. Not looking like album art for a death metal band. More like a 70's groovy version of Netiri from Avatar

Who Is Your Audience?

As I said above, the t-shirt is for my girlfriend in her late 30's. She is culturally savvy, has a good sense of humor and adventure and is athletic. So the Super Love Panther should reflect what a woman like that would be like in panther form.


We Like These Examples

Imagine if Netiri from Avatar was made into a cartoon panther from the groovy 70's, then you get an idea of what I want. Also non-ridiculous looking anime is great too

We Absolutely Must Have

must have the panther in action and say Super Love Panther below the panther



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