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Creative Brief

Who are you?

When people see something beautiful, they take a second look. It is human nature. At Playsam, we have been getting second looks for over twenty five years thanks to our award-winning Scandinavian design. From the classic Streamliner Car to the inventive Rocking Rabbit to the fanciful Dollhouse, we continue to capture the imagination of design lovers around the world one toy at a time.
A small company based in Kalmar, Sweden, Playsam has an impressive presence in the contemporary design arena. Year after year, we prove that art can be both beautiful and functional and that superior design can transcend age, gender and culture. Our success lies in our ability to reach the inner child and to conjure a playful spirit through intellectual creativity. Our consumers appreciate the contrast between serene simplicity and visual complexity that each product embodies. Perhaps this is why companies as diverse as Starbucks Coffee and Saab Automobile collaborate with us. And why people in over fifty countries as far apart as Chile and China have embraced the Playsam name.
The instantly recognizable design shapes Playsams unique story, one that celebrates heritage, integrity and creativity. We put quality first, value customer input and have always worked with organic material. In a market teeming with the flashy and the trendy, it is no accident that people return time and again to the classic design of our wooden toys.
If you have not already, we invite you to experience Playsam. Speed down the open road in our vintage-inspired Racer F1. Write a love letter with our inspirational Crayon Pencil. Fly to the moon in our revolutionary Rocket. Or go green with our Organic Rally Car.
With Playsam, imagination is truly endless.

What do you need?

Playsam invite you to participate in a contest for creating the best Playsam T-shirt ever.
We invite anybody who wish to participate. The rules are simple
Playsam T-shirt will be made of Organic textile like Bamboo, Soy, Hemp or Organic Cotton
Note: We are interested in looking for use of submitted design for other textiles than T-shirt. If we found any design of interest we will contact you for further talks. This will be outside this competition and we will sign a design agreement for that.

Who Is Your Audience?

Playsam is a haven for contemporary, cosmopolitan, classic design. Simply put, Playsam are Scandinavian design at its finest. To experience the world, you need only to open your eyes and reach out your hands.


We Like These Examples

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We Absolutely Must Have

Inspiration can be taken from www.playsam.com



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