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end povertee is a brand on a social mission to inspire, bring awareness and empower every one of its customers to help make an impact in eliminating extreme poverty in our Global family.

It has been proven that the worlds extreme poverty crisis cannot be solved alone by governments and non-profit organizations, community based action is needed. We created end povertee with that awareness in mind.

For each end povertee t-shirt purchased, more than 50% of the net profits are used for charitable missions keeping only a small amount for operational costs. By creating a for-profit business model, end povertee is able to sustain itself without relying on the need of constant fundraising. Also by harnessing the collective purchasing power of individual end povertee customers, we are able to make a bigger impact on the lives of those suffering from extreme poverty.

At end povertee we believe seeing the difference is one of the most important factors of our business. That is why we created T-shirt missions. Small attainable goals set up with specific Non-Profit Organizations and Non-Government Organizations that we can be assured 100% of our contribution is going directly to our cause. On each mission date set, we film the goal being attained and the lives touched so that each end povertee customers has the satisfaction of knowing they truly made a difference.

By helping to create sustainable lives for those suffering from extreme poverty in turn creates a healthier global economy for all.

So when you wear our stylish and sweatshop-free t-shirts not only do you look good on the outside but you feel great on the inside knowing that your purchase changed the life of someone living in extreme poverty.

end povertee invites you to join us on this journey to create change. We believe one t-shirt can make a difference! As we grow our website will be filled with photos and film clips that show the real effect that these t-shirts are having to change extreme poverty in the world.


end povertee was created with one core intention in mindgenerate funds to help those suffering from extreme poverty. We thought what better way to raise money then by using the collective purchasing power of individuals buying everyday needed goods such as a t-shirt. The t-shirt unites us allrich or poor, black or white, gay or straight we all buy, wear and love this wardrobe staple.

When the United States Navy issued the first thin cotton shirt in 1913, little did anyone know it would become a billion dollar industry. Today, tees are one of the most popular apparel items purchased with an annual revenue over 181 billion dollars, a 4% increase from the previous year. (Source: Infomat.com)

If just a fraction of that money could be directed toward those suffering from extreme povertyno one in our global family would be without basic living needs.

Please join our community.

Buy one tee this year that makes a positive impact on the life of another!


In 2002, two amazing twin sisters Jenn and Janette Hofmann gave up their jobs to focus all of their attention on helping to reduce extreme poverty in Kibwezi, Kenya. The many programs they have created over the past nine years have helped thousands of Kibwezi locals suffering from extreme poverty.

Nomad Charities is both a registered NGO in Kenya and a registered non-profit in the US that seeks to improve the quality of lives of adults and children who are homeless, exploited and orphaned by the devastation of the HIV/AIDS crisis in Kenya, through programs and services, so that they may realize their full potential in society.

If you ask a child if they would like a meal or to go to school, the child would say school every time!

- Jenn Hofmann, Nomad Founder

Nomad national commercial


Nomad Charity


end povertee - Mission One/Goal

Sell 2000 t-shirts by Nov 11, 2009 to put 30 Kibwezi children through boarding school for 1 year!

What does that cover?

30 children will be provided with the following for an entire year:

A home to sleep inplus



School Supplies

School Uniforms


Three meals per day

Medical care

All children on the waiting list have a high GPA's and must maintain high GPA's to stay on the scholarship program.

On Nov. 11, 2009 the 30 students chosen for the scholarship will be filmed for the end povertee community to see at a later date. Together we can have a direct impact on these children lives. Education it is the best possible way out of extreme poverty for these children. Every time we support another to get educated we create individuals with the knowledge and confidence to make positive change happen in their own communities.


We need a T-shirt design more inspiring than the ONE Tee Campaign...

We need a design on the front that relates to our specific first mission... Nomad Charities, Kibwezi, Kenya, Nov. 11, read above for more. This mission is all about education. Sample Tee has been uploaded to view.

***Keep design to two colors for cost of printing***

Other than that we look forward to your inspiring ideas...thank you for your designs!


Compassionate individuals all walks of life who care about the extreme poverty crisis.


We want the front to have a design...

The back upper or shoulder to carry the logo... see attached

Sample shirt design - see attached



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