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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Sports Yoga Hawaii was inspired by athletes and the belief that theres an amazing athlete within you. We wanted to offer athletes a way to incorporate yoga into their training, in a language and method that their bodies could understand. Now this isnt your traditional yoga. We practice a more intensive style that looks at the way athletes move and how they train, and we incorporate it into a yoga based workout. When you incorporate Sports Yoga into your training program, youll benefit from stronger muscles, improved flexibility, better body and breath control and a stronger core. All things that can give you that competitive edge whether you train to compete or train for yourself.

GoYoga! is an initiative by Sports Yoga Hawaii to help individuals live a better lifestyles by doing yoga once a week for one hour. It's a movement to awaken the athlete within.

What do you need?

I'm looking for a t-shirt design that will be used as a gift for individuals who going the GoYoga! movement. I need a t-shirt design that says I'm proud to be a part of this movement and you should join to.

Who Is Your Audience?

The audience will be people who live a healthy lifestyle, love yoga, and believe there's an amazing athlete within everyone. They are our ambassadors who will help us spread the word about Sports Yoga Hawaii and our movement. As a company we are trying to get more men involved with yoga.


We Like These Examples

Haven't seen anything that I liked. Sorry.

We Absolutely Must Have

It must have the text GoYoga! and incorporate the Sports Yoga Hawaii logo. This company isn't your traditional yoga company so please no common yoga stuff like someone sitting in a meditative pose. We are trying to target more men so the design must be gender neutral. It must appeal to both men and women. When people see this design I want them to be intrigued by it and ask the person for more information about it and join our GoYoga! movement.



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