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Texas Rifle Co (TRC) manufactures custom AR platform rifles and pistols of all calibers. Our target audience is men and women who collect and or shoot AR platform rilfes, custom pistols, etc. They may be current or retired military, first responders or individuals who live by the 2nd amendment.



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We are looking for a unique tshirt design to represent our Texas Rifle Co lifestyle. Some ideas for content include what you see below. We want the designs to be clean, tactical and unique. We will likely ask the winning designer to design more t-shirts for us immediately after they are selected as the winner of this campaign.

Competitor related designs - www.gruntstyle.com

The mens tshirts will be athletic fit and the women's tshirts will be athletic vneck.

- .223 or .556 round outline. Shown horizontal with filled with the Texas flag.
- Alamo outline (realistic or abstract) filled with a Texas flag.
- Texas independence (March 2nd, 1836) related
- First Republic of Texas flag (star with Texas spelled out)
- Famous Texas history quote(s) with a tactical graphic that matches the quote. Example... ‘You may all go to hell, I will go to Texas’ with a simple, but exciting graphic.
-2nd amendment related
- Abstract outline of an AR 15 type rifle with a quote
-FAFO (F*ck Around and Find Out) acronym with tactical graphic.
- Something sexy and tactical for the ladies showing strength and independence.

Top 3 Things

Texas flag or American flag on one sleeve.
TRC logo (provided) on the other sleeve.
TRC wording on back of T-shirt just below collar.

Additional Info

What we don't want to see....
- Two AR 15 type rifles crossed.
- 'Come and take it' with the cannon.
- 'Don’t tread on me' with the snake.

Competitor related designs - www.gruntstyle.com


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