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I teach people to be better belly dance teachers. My clientele are mostly females between the ages of 22 and 60. They tend to be artistic types who are also a little Type A. They are driven, proud, and want to be the best. They also want to be distinguished from the crowd. They are a reflection of me. :)

I need a design that will easily go from t-shirt to sports bra to golf shirt. It needs to be easily identifiable whether it is large or small.

I want my clients to feel proud wearing this, like it's a badge of honor. I want those who are not my clients to see it and say, "That's cool. I want one of those."

I am open to anything from the most bizarre to the most simplistic. Nothing jumps out that must be included or excluded. I *think* I want the logo incorporated into the design as that is our most identifiable sympbol, but am open to other ideas.



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