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About Your Company

My company has designed a watch called SPACETALK and is now selling it.

SPACETALK is an all-in-one children’s Smartphone, Watch and GPS Tracker that allows parents and children to remain in constant contact without exposing their kids to the dangers of social media apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and unrestricted access to the Internet.

SPACETALK is the first of its kind to be wholly developed in Australia and one of the first worldwide. The child can make or receive calls from a list of contacts parents choose in the AllMyTribe® smartphone app. If the child needs help, a special SOS alert function can be customised to call parents and other guardians. Parents can see their child's location on their smartphone and the AllMyTribe App features alerts so whenever a child leaves designated safe spaces such as school or home, parents are notified. A step counter tracks the wearer’s physical activity.

SPACETALK has been independently verified by leading international cyber security experts as “unhackable”, and has world’s best practice security and privacy features built in. It will also meet the upcoming European GDPR regulations. All data is hosted in Australia in highly secure data centres and protected by Australian Privacy and Data Security legislation, so security is assured.

Look at www.allmytribe.com for more information on SPACETALK.


Social Networks
  • Facebook

  • Instagram

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Preferred Fonts
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Top 3 Things

Child safety, connectivity, family.


Images that represent simply safer phones for kids.

Assets must have high emotional focus (and not technical features).

Additional Info

Design an ad for Facebook, Instagram and Google to create awareness and motivation to buy SPACETALK.

Your design must have high emotional focus (and not technical features).

In your design you may use:
• the SPACETALK logo and the other graphics that are here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3cmx6orbeiwcl...

• the following eight taglines
Simply Safer Phones for Kids
Passion for safety and not social media
Passion for staying connected and not social media
Mum feels lost without SPACETALK
Sleep overs – are you ok?
To not have eyes glued to the screen
Gets you message to them
Book now your SPACETALK for Christmas

• the following four colours
#5b6361 - Dark Grey
#Fff200 - Yellow
#00aeef - Blue
#8c8b89 - Light Grey

• the following two attached fonts for the text.

Look at the existing assets on www.allmytribe.com

Please provide the design for the ad in the following formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator), JPG and PNG.



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