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Starts: 7-Jul-14 10:39 p.m. GMT

Ends: 21-Jul-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $650, was awarded to CrownDe...

Award 2: $650, was awarded to aquina

Award 3: $650, was awarded to PurePre...

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That'sCommunityEd is an application used to discover and register for courses provided within the community.
We're looking to redesign 4 pages for our public site so that browsing for and discovering the course one desires is as EASY and intuitive as possible.
We want our application to look and feel more like a browsable course catalogue whose results are easy to filter.

Update 9-Jul-14 GMT
Just a quick note:
We're not looking for a marketing website for ourselves or the product; but rather a refreshed design for the web application itself.

Also, we had mentioned that we're using Bootstrap and FontAwesome, but we don't want that to limit or influence your design styles.

We still want a modern feel and for instance aren't looking for old Bootstrap-esque buttons etc.
Update 16-Jul-14 GMT
Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. We've had some really good designs and ideas, but none that have taken us by surprise and some that still need polishing.

Our primary focus is to get clean-looking intuitive designs for a guided search that go beyond a simple "Browse" dropdown and search bar.
The following two designs are good examples of such:

Expanding to:

We want to see more creative ideas like this that provide the beginning of an easy-to-use guided search.

One other point we want to bring up, is that on the main page, we're looking to bring focus AWAY from signing up or signing in, we'd rather have a user begin the search process after doing so, sign in on a different page.