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Starts: 23-Jul-13 11:08 a.m. GMT

Ends: 7-Aug-13 11:08 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $4100, was awarded to BCDesigns

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We need a web design for a Shopify store based in Australia that sells cases. We will work with cases for iPads, Galaxy, Nexus, Kindles, iPhones, S3, etc.

Our main points are:
- Next day delivery for over 80% of Australian addresses
- 100% money back guarantee (including shipping costs) if you are not happy with the case, for any reason.
- Same day shipping if ordered before 4pm AET.

We currently operate ( and we're looking to expand this to other devices as Readershop works with Kindles only.

Things we appreciate in a design:
1) Usability
This means it's easy to find a product, easy to see how the product looks, what it does, reviews, prices etc.

2) Clean and professional looking.
The design needs to be clean and professional, so the product can stand out. Although simple, it must display elegance so that customers know it was made by a professional designer.

3) Attention to details and refinement

We really like the navigation, filtering options and usability of this site: The vertical main menu where you choose the device is a really good idea. Pages we'd like to see in your design (at least these ones).

1) Home (we really like the menus of
2) Product category with filters
3) Product detail.
We want the customer to be able to see all the colours available. Example:

4) Shopping cart.

We will provide specific and objective feedback for ALL DESIGNS.

Update 26-Jul-13 GMT
It is important to add a text in the home page advising what we are and what we do. Please see Text on the home page is important not only to show customers what kind of business we operate, how we are different etc, but also for SEO. Text needs to be clearly readable, it's important to choose fonts , text colour and background colour wisely.
Update 26-Jul-13 GMT
The home page should display:
- who we are
- what we do
- what are our best selling points (next day delivery, same day shipping, 100% money back guarantee including shipping)
- a comparison table (don't worry about the contents too much)
- testimonials from customers
- all products must have the review stars
- latest updates from our blog
- space for text (see at the bottom. This is important for SEO.

Thank you.
Update 26-Jul-13 GMT
A good quality logo that matches the layout makes a good impression.
Update 27-Jul-13 GMT
- Please consider the other pages in your design, not just the home page. We'll have more than 500 types of cases, so it's important that space is not wasted with repetitive items in every page. For example, latest blog news are a very low importance item in the home page, especially above the first fold. If you put this in the header, it'll be displayed in every page (product category, details, cart etc). We'd much rather use this space to put our main selling points (same day shipping, next-day delivery, 100% money back guarantee).

- We prefer a lighter design, please avoid black headers and footers.

- Background colour of the "body" should be white. We don't like it when the product image has a white background but the body is of a different colour (grey for example).

- Feel free to go over 960px
Update 27-Jul-13 GMT
- We will have a very large inventory. Please don't waste space on the home page by showcasing a few products like Use that space to show customers who we are, what we do, and some SEO text like

- Please submit designs for the category page with filters too.
Update 30-Jul-13 GMT is an e-commerce to sell cases in Australia. We will have more than 500 types of cases for iPads, Kindles,Galaxy, Tables, iPhones etc.

"#1 Store for Cases in Australia"

The design must:

- Encourage users to browse our store
- It must look like we have 500+ types of cases, not just a few
- Make customers feel that that we have low prices and a big selection of cases
- Convey professionalism and fast service
- Be clean and easy to read (be mindful of white spaces, fonts and colours)

Design notes:
we prefer a lightweight design with good use of css and colours rather than images.
we might like flat designs that use depth occasionally to highlight important elements on the page.
grid can be higher than 975 px, it's good if it is 1100px with non essential elements after 975px.
product images must be in white background.
product description in white background.
good choice of colours.
good quality fonts.
product images in category or home page need to be big enough so the customer can have a good look at the item without having to open the product details.
all products must have the review starts next to them.
put important items above the fold
minimise header height
no search feature
no signup button or create account option.

It must be associated with cases.
Full domain name must legible.
We aim to be the biggest store for cases in Australia
Cases MEGA Store, the biggest selection, the #1, maybe a case with a cape.
It must look like it was designed by a professional designer, it must convey professionalism.

Home page
No search feature.
No single product taking huge space in the home page
Who we are, Text for SEO, What we do (this can be 3 separate items, or it can be a few paragraphs of text next to photo of cases for example).
Slogan the
3 selling points: Next Day delivery, Same day Shipping, 100% money back guarantee including shipping. (this can be in the header or below the main menu.
Main menu
2-5 testimonials
Why buy from us section with more selling points and:
- 100% of stock in Australia
- We only sell what we have in stock for immediate shipping
- 100% Money Back Guarantee
- Same day shipping if ordered by 4pm AET.
- Next-Day delivery for over 85% of Australian addresses
15 products (5 per row, best selling products).

Main Menu (very important element, needs to be well designed).
(these have to appear). iPhone , Galaxy , iPad , Kindle , Nexus, Accessories
(these can be hidden in a "More" drop down: About Us, Contact, Blog, FAQ, Testimonials)
Breadcrumb navigation

Product Categories:

Filtering options:
- Material (Real Leather, Faux Leather, Nylon, Cotton, Plastic) in checkboxes
- Colour (Beige, Brown, Black, Red, Light Pink, Pink, Green, Grey, Purple, Yellow) , display the colours, not just the name.
- Recommended for: (Boys, Girls, Men, Women) in checkboxes
- Style (Back Case, Book Case, Folio Case, Glove / Sleeve) in checkboxes

Sorting options:
"showing 30 items out of 120" feature
Paging on the bottom
Sort by drop down (Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low, Date: Newest First, Date: Oldest First, Best Selling)

show products with big enough images so the customer can get an idea of what it looks like without having to open each item for details.
focus more on the product's photo than title
Always show review stars
We like the feature of loading more items on demand as the user scrolls down.

Product Details:

Main Photo
Photo Gallery with thumbnails
"Also available in these colours" with thumbnails
Product Reviews (important element on the page)
Product Description
Compatibility: This item is compatible only with...
Product Suggestions (customers who bough this also bought …)
Add to basket and quantity
3 selling points right next to call to action (


For each case or item in the cart, show a small thumbnail and title of the devices that they are compatible with. One of the biggest problems that we will is preventing users from purchasing cases for the wrong devices. Since we offer 100% money back guarantee, if the user purchases a case for the wrong device we will have to change it free of charge.

We offer free shipping for orders over $50 and $4.95 for all orders below that. If the customer buys a case for $35, show the shipping that he's going to pay ($4.95) and also show a a section to the effect of "purchase $15 more and get free shipping on your purchase"

Next to the checkout button, have a space for a single testimonial that keeps changing every 30 seconds.
Show product suggestions and recommendations.