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Starts:26-Mar-13 12:33 a.m. GMT

Ends:2-Apr-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1200, was awarded to frontend


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Uploaded on 25-Mar-13 10:02 p.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

Business Name (Real name in wireframes below)

What do you do?

"GL" is a recommendation community where athletes and outdoorsmen catalogue their favorite gear, enabling others to discover great gear, events, & more.

Summary Document for Designers (strongly recommend reading):

Do you have a desired website screen size?

1024 X 768

How many pages (maximum of 4) do you need designed?

We need 4 pages designed. However, we will select a design partner based on design submissions for 2 pages: 1) Gear Search Page and 2) Home page. After selecting a design partner, we will need her/him to also design 2 additional pages: 3) Athlete Profile page and 4) Product Profile Page ** See notes below

What is your industry?

Entertainment and Sports

Describe the target audience for your website design

-Aged 25-50
-middle class+
-moderate to strong knowledgebase about outdoor activities
-owns gear and is interested in buying more
-is active in outdoor sports or activities
-consumes content like outdoors blogs and product review sites
-wants to feel like an insider within their outdoor community
-ready to invest more time and money in their sport or is attempting a personal goal (e.g., complete a triathlon, hike the Appalachian Trail, etc.)

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your website design

1) Content on the site comes from REAL PEOPLE -athletes and outdoorspeople- who are knowledgable passionate about outdoor activities.
2) Recommendations includes HOW/WHERE PRODUCTS WERE USED. Unlike review sites, we tell the human story behind the gear.
3) This is a COMMUNITY of real outdoor enthusiasts that fosters discussion and sharing information.

How is your company different from your competitors?

Competitors/Best Alternatives:

E-tailers who sell gear and provide product reviews (Amazon, REI, etc)
Community Forums for Outdoors/Sports

Why we’re different:

We help people discover the right gear for their next adventure or outdoor acitivity
-Rather than reviewing 1,000s of products, our members simply recommend what has worked for them
-Recommendations come from experienced athletes, not paid reviewers or people who really don't have much experience with an activity
-We provide context behind the gear recommendations, such as who is recommending it and how and where they have used it

What website design styles do you like?

What colors do you want to see in your website design?

masculine colors? on light background?
(white, charcoal, silver, grey, black, blue, etc)

What colors do you NOT want to see in your website design?

pink, purple

What adjectives should best describe your website design?

-Compelling images
-User Profiles should feel “featured athletes” in a magazine

What content must be included in the website design?

We'll provide wireframes and other docs to show you all the fields that we'll needs. (Attached)

Note: Your design does not need to mimick the same design/layout of our wireframes. Our wireframes are meant to demonstrate the functionality of the page. Feel free to submit a very different layout, but please be sure to include all of the features that are in our wireframes. We hope that you have better ideas than we do in terms of layout and navigation.

Do you have additional requirements or links you want to share?

Please be sure that your design submission includes, at a minimum, the "Gear Search Page", and the "Home" page. This way we can see your approach for both a beautiful page (home page) and a content-heavy page (gear search page). We will consider all submissions that include these two pages.

Note: Many of our wireframes are very dense. However we'd like to create pages that are, at worst, aethestically pleasing and, at best, inspiring to our visitors (especially the homepage and the athlete profile page). We welcome the use of simpler page components, larger photos and magazine-like layouts. In other words, we'd prefer pages that look more like than, when possible.


Brief updates

By moab on 26-Mar-13 1:20 a.m. GMT
The pages that we'd like to designed first are the Gear Search Page and the Homepage. This are the first and last pages in the attached wireframe document, respectively.

Many Thanks.
By moab on 26-Mar-13 11:27 p.m. GMT
Hi again. At this time, we are only looking for a design partner. We are NOT LOOKING FOR A DEVELOPMENT PARTNER. We've received some inquiries about this (hence the "no thanks" rating). I wanted to be clear on this point, so we don't waste developers' time and we don't discourage designers.

Thank You!
By moab on 31-Mar-13 9:01 p.m. GMT
We are extending (and assuring) the contest, as we're still receiving a number of strong entries.

We will post an updated summary of the things we most want to see in the site. (As we've looked through designs, we've learned to be more specific about what we want). We expect to post this update in 1-2 hours.

Thanks again to all the impressive designers who have contributed. Your work has exceeded our expectations.
By moab on 1-Apr-13 5:20 a.m. GMT
Hi again,

Thanks for all of your submissions. After reviewing all of the submissions, we felt that it would be most efficient if we updated the brief with the following guidance.

We want to try and make sure that everyone's submission meets our minimum requirements and we have a few edits that we'd like everyone to try to incorporate.

Thanks again for all the great work!


The layout of the header should be exactly the same on the homepage and the gear search page.

Left-hand side: Name of website, "". Tagline under or near "Good gear recommendations by athletes & adventurers"

Right-hand side: "Log in" and "Sign Up" links. When a user is logged in, the space that these links occupy is replaced with a user's photo, name, and a downward pointing triangle (if clicked, it opens a menu with "Edit Profile" and "Sign Out" options). See Facebook and LinkedIn for examples of this. Also, to the right of the of the user name, we need a mail symbol that will notify members if they have received a message. See LinkedIn for an example of this. Lastly, below the user's name, there should be space for badges. For example, they could earn a "mountain biking" and a "backpacking" badge. We probably need space for up to 6 badges.

Middle: We need three links or buttons for: "See Recommended Gear", "Create Gear List", and "Discussion Forum"

Those are all of the features that we need in the header. Please don't add any other links or buttons.

Lastly, please keep the height of the header to a minimum. We want to show as much content on the page above the fold as possible.


The footer should just have links for: About Us, Contact Us, FAQ's, and the copyright statement. Nothing else needs to be included. And the footer should be the same on the homepage and the product search page.

Product Search Page

Spacing - We've noticed that many designs have wide gaps between different sections on the page. This ends up pushing a lot of information down, below the fold. While we don't want to have an overly-crowded or hard to scan page, we'd prefer less space between blocks/sections on the page, so more information can bee seen above the fold.

Background - We would prefer a light or just plain white background. It's fine to use colors for the block headers and to use shading in the blocks to define different blocks.

The price of the product should not be so prominent and eye catching. We want to show the price, but it should not stand a lot more than other information. More focus should be put on the number of people who recommend the product and the number of discussion posts about it.

The Gear Search Filter towards the top should clearly indicate the search criteria that have been selected and that they can be removed from the filter. Some designs do not make it very clear as to what this feature is trying to show.

The age, height, shirt, and shoe information should has less emphasis (e.g., maybe smaller font). This information is less important, so it should be less prominent.

For each person who is recommending a product, be sure to include their name, location, number of products recommended, and how they used the gear. Some designs do not include all of this information. Also include the age, height, shirt, and shoe, but see the above note.

Please highlight or draw attention to the actual number of the products recommended by a reviewer (e.g., increase the font of the number).

We've seen a number of designs that include star ratings. Please DO NOT include star ratings. Instead of stars, we need that space to show badges that the user has earned, such as a "mountain biking" or a "backpacking" badge. A member might have up to 6 badges.

Home page

Some specific guidance:

Above the fold - header and full-width photo with an example value proposition (e.g., "Find the right gear for your specific outdoor passion"). This will be a carousel that presents 3-4 photos and value propositions and a visitor should be able to see the controls for the carousel. See's homepage for an example. Feel free to include a button that has a call-to-action such as: "Find the right gear for your specific adventure"

Showing partially above the fold - A "How it Works" section that spans the width of the page. Three steps: 1) "Real people go play in the outdoors", 2) "They learn what gear works well", 3) "And they share gear recommendations for specific adventures". See for an example.

Next, below the fold - Horizontal lineup of photos of athletes on the site. Hover on photo flips to Name, Age, Location, Activities list, Events list. See's homepage for an example. There should be scroll arrows on the left and the right.

Next, below the fold - Horizontal lineup of photos of products that have been recently recommended. Should include picture, name of product, and activity it was recommended for. There should be scroll arrows on the left and the right.