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Starts: 20-Feb-13 3:25 a.m. GMT

Ends: 8-Mar-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1000, was awarded to lavi

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Update 20-Feb-13 GMT
Update: To this competition I attached a "conceptual design". It's purpose is to further communicate the requirements. We're hoping to winning design to be different from our conceptual design.

Also, in the conceptual design their is an arrow with a label "Trending". This arrow is specific to THAT label and does not reflect the overall metric that is being measured within the box. The overall metric that is being measured is "Current Qtr" compared to "Standard". In our design if the Current Qtr is less than the Standard, the background is colored Red. There needs to be another indicator (or in addition to) the background color to communicate the overall performance of the metric. This is needed for users who can't physically process colors. Another indicator such as check boxes or circles is an example.

Update 20-Feb-13 GMT
Please limit the use of .jpg, if at all. Submission of Layered PSD files is ideally how the majority of the design should be submitted. Thanks!
Update 21-Feb-13 GMT

The overall KPI is under-performing if the "Current Qtr" is less than the "Standard". If the "Current Qtr" is less than the "Standard" we need a very pronounced way to communicate that. For example in my design I highlighted entire background Red.

Per my design the "Trending" metric is cannot be determined from numbers on these KPI's. The way the metric is trending is determined by numbers not on this screen. For that reason "Trending" needs to be highlighted separately from the overall KPI.
Update 5-Mar-13 GMT
Hello Team, I was late to respond to one of the creative's question which kept the submission of the second page from being completed. My apologies. I'm going to extend the deadline for a few more days in order to get the last submission in. I have not yet decided a winner but I'm hoping to be fair by answering that one question i missed. Thank you!