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Starts:15-Feb-13 9:16 a.m. GMT

Ends:28-Feb-13 9:16 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $740, was awarded to hammer


JPG, Layered PSD, AI (vector based)


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File 1: PencilSketch.JPG (73.2 KB)

Uploaded on 16-Feb-13 11:29 a.m. GMT

File 2: RedRocketFinal_-_Copy.... (225.0 KB)

Uploaded on 16-Feb-13 11:30 a.m. GMT

File 3: DSC_0689-001.JPG (3.6 MB)

Uploaded on 16-Feb-13 11:37 a.m. GMT

File 4: DSC_0717.JPG (4.7 MB)

Uploaded on 16-Feb-13 11:48 a.m. GMT

File 5: Silicone_Coffee_Drippe... (26.2 KB)

Uploaded on 18-Feb-13 11:58 a.m. GMT

File 6: flagsofallnations.jpg (88.8 KB)

Uploaded on 27-Feb-13 9:42 a.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

Business Name

Red Rocket 321

What do you do?

I sell collapsible, one cup pour over silicone coffee drippers.

Do you have a desired website screen size?

Ok this is where you see the limits of my technical skills!
I guess there's a "standard" size - well that's probably what I need ,
Ideally it would be nice if the site was responsive - changing size to adapt to screen sizes of monitors, tablets, phones etc. You can convince/advise me

How many pages (maximum of 4) do you need designed?

4 - maybe less - I'm hoping to keep it simple.

What is your industry?

Food and Beverage

Describe the target audience for your website design

Coffee drinkers - those who don't think a cup of high street chain coffee is worth the price, prefer to have a drink that tastes better, don't like making more than they'll drink in one go and end up throwing the stewed stuff out.
People who are adventurous, self reliant, not into the instant gratification fast food ethos. Probably people like yourselves!

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your website design

Simple, innovative, inexpensive

How is your company different from your competitors?

There are many pour over filters but I have combined the best of them all, it's collapsible silicone, it has five holes to allow a more even flow, it's about half the price of the closest competition

What website design styles do you like? (it goes on a bicycle it's not a spelling error for shopify)
I'll keep updating this as there are a few I really admire.
In fact I'll be updating this as often as I can - any queries then please don't guess - ill answer any questions ASAP so you'll not waste your time making stuff that's not quite right

Seems I can't upload pictures from iPad - so the logo is available on the facebook page - ill add the info over the weekend.

What colors do you want to see in your website design?

Bold colours
Coffee browns maybe

What colors do you NOT want to see in your website design?

Probably not peaches and purples or pastels,

What adjectives should best describe your website design?

Stylish, clean, considered, practical,

What content must be included in the website design?

Must have box that links to my YouTube gallery
Usquare plugin that when you click on my product pictures there is information and a BUY button
FAQ icon
Multiple language function - English,Spanish,French,Italian,German,Cantonese,Japanese
Multiple currency choice drop down gbp USD yen euro aud
Shopping basket
A gallery of 'mugshots' scrolling pictures my customers have sent in
Link + like my Facebook page Red Rocket 321

Link to my preferred charity button snehasadan orphanage in India. Plus a link to the Facebook link of an alumni who has just written a book on his life and wants to start a coffeeshop / library for orphans to run and share the profits.

A contact us button - icons= email envelope, Skype logo, telephone

Terms and conditions ( either a page - seems excessive as its v simple) or a button

Lots of pictures - tell me where I need to upload them to for you guys to be able to see them - I was thinking Flickr accounts but like I said I'm not too technical

That being said I'm learning! So please can you use Wordpress as I'll have a chance at updating and interacting with the site myself

A shopping basket with a shipping calculator - shopify have a good one, I'll be using Hong Kong Post as my shipper.

A partners button for those who wish to embed by link on their page for a share of the profits of any traffic they send over

Bulk orders , I'm hoping to sell these to hotels fully customised, so they don't need to get involved with expensive counter top filter machines, company giveaways etc etc it's 2000 units minimum btw

Do you have additional requirements or links you want to share?

Brief updates

By REDROCKET321 on 15-Feb-13 9:20 a.m. GMT
Welcome! Ok thanks for looking, Let me know if you prefer me to just post a zip file with loads of photos or I can open a Flickr site for u,

I'll be updating this brief often so please keep referring back here - and don't be shy, this is a two way process ask me a question, and feel free to give me advice!

Have a great weekend everyone

By REDROCKET321 on 15-Feb-13 11:41 p.m. GMT
This is the company's Facebook page that I want linked to my site please
By REDROCKET321 on 16-Feb-13 8:58 a.m. GMT
Ok I think I'll need to purchase a domain validated SSL certificate too

For the gallery please use the NextGen gallery plugin (I'm compiling a file of pictures I'll upload as a zip file in a day or so) so I think I'll have a gallery page (and on the homepage I'd like to see a different image scroll from the gallery every 8 seconds or so.

I do not want the pictures to be distorted.

When creating buttons on the front page please use EASY SHORTCUT BUTTONS Wordpress plugin (these will be bottom half of page - labels DELIVERIES CONTACT US PAYMENTS PARTNERS BULK ORDERS OUR CHARITY T AND Cs

Many thanks
By crowdSPRING on 16-Feb-13 11:29 a.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
By crowdSPRING on 16-Feb-13 11:30 a.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
By crowdSPRING on 16-Feb-13 11:37 a.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
By crowdSPRING on 16-Feb-13 11:48 a.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
By crowdSPRING on 18-Feb-13 11:58 a.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
By REDROCKET321 on 18-Feb-13 12:20 p.m. GMT
Ok everyone, ive added a document word file of the text ill want to see on my website, its taken me hours to create as im hopeless with typing as you know,

in he contacts page I would like the FAQ o be inbedded there as well as a separate icon at the top of the page near the language and currencybuttons.

i did see a website with a nice style about it its clean and clinical, im really not to bothered about the website looking Boho and shabby chiq, Id like to see more brighter reds in the theme to match the vibrant logo if at all possible.

if possible I would like the words RED ROCKET 321 in a font called HARABARANEO its a free download font.

also at the bottom of the contacts page i would like to see a small pin atlas as freely downloadable at

so to recap

Home Page FAQ/Language/currency/facebook like
video box with 5 thumb nails below
scrolling gallery of mug shots
interactive usquare of products (at least 6 - show how they expand and the buy it now button Price and product info button)
shopping basket (not cart) - items listed, postage,recorded delivery, total - i like the receiept design.

buttons as per heading in word doc - about us, payments, deliveries,affiliates, bulk orders, charity, T and cs , competition etc

Contact details

Products info page
coffee dripper/paper filters/ java jolts/ tshirts (box for white boxfor black), frothers/stickers

Gallery Page

Contact us Page will be the 4 pages

i would like the usquare plugin to be interactive with the shop so plese show me how this would look too.

Many thanks indeed


Just as a heads up i like the idea of using a tiny redrocket321 logo in .PNG format whenever the words coffee dripper are used in the text.
By REDROCKET321 on 19-Feb-13 3:39 a.m. GMT
I think the gallery page i need will be pretty obvious to my programmer, so really dont worry too much about that as I think im asking quite a lot already - i would prefer to see an image of the usquare boxes expanded to show product image at the top, then maybe a row of icons below (pintrest,facebook,email,ebay etc) then below that some brief description followed by a "More Details" and a "ADD TO BASKET" button (this kind of image will make it easier to show the programmer for me.

By REDROCKET321 on 19-Feb-13 3:47 a.m. GMT

Excellent work so far, in fact so good Im going to assure the award - so its all to play for.

Please take note of the updates to the brief, its the tweeks that are going to seperate the eventual winner, like say a small ebay icon, the expanded usquare product box.

typing is agony for me - so id really just love to email a programmer your lovely self explanatory images and a link back to this competition so he can get an idea of whats in my mind (thats why i mention plugins etc - i realise you guys design the look and the programmer gets the thing to function)

Also please can you be sure that all designs are your own creations, sniping bits of a fellow competitors idea isnt fair and may get you excluded from the site.

best of luck

By REDROCKET321 on 25-Feb-13 2:39 p.m. GMT
ok sorry for being offline this weekend, ill try and review as many entrys as i can now.

Please note on the USQUARE product box the onl y text i need on the box next to the corresponding image box is the product title (eg Collapsible Silicone Filter, or White T-Shirt, or Java Jolt) and a curved arrow pointing from text to image (
for those unsure.

Im very impressed with the quality of the entrants so far - its going to be an extremely difficult decision to make.

please also note as a competition orgniser i get to review an imge 3x2 inches only (so i dont get to view any details - if you think something is noteworthy or not obvious please feel free to post a close up)

keep up the good work

By REDROCKET321 on 26-Feb-13 3:17 p.m. GMT
Thanks for all your work so far - please note i will NOT be extending the deadline on this project as the standard has been so high i am already having a tough time on choosing who is currently ahead at the moment.
By crowdSPRING on 27-Feb-13 9:42 a.m. GMT
The buyer has uploaded a new file in this project. You can download that file in the DETAILS tab.
By REDROCKET321 on 27-Feb-13 10:09 a.m. GMT
OK everybody - its 24 hours to go - thank you all for contributing to an extremly high standard of work,

Please remember its not all about the homepage, I would like to see how your themes carrys across to the four pages, what info you think is important, layouts etc

You can choose 3 from;

About Us
Contact Us

hopefully you have had enough information in the brief, but please feel able to go freeform on a few of these pages and express your creativity.

if you have any last minute questions please ask them sooner rather than later as once the time is up i will not be extending the deadline. Im in Hong Kong its 18.00 hours here now so take the time difference into consideration.

To be fair I will try and announce the winner as soon as possible, I was going to poll my friends opinions but i think its my duty to pay up as swiftly as you guys have altered and edited, great work everybody and a pleasure working with each and every one of you - many thanks.