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Starts: 4-Nov-12 4:30 a.m. GMT

Ends: 22-Nov-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $800, was awarded to violetach

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This project is the 1st phase of new web site development. The objectives are 1) selecting a designer who we will ask additional development and 2) develop 4 key pages.
We have the logo design and a demo site that is developed with Axure and we can share. Since marketing messages and instructions need to be revised, the design is more like template design, but not specific page design. The main consideration point is 1) entire design (flavor), 2) header design, 3) tab design, 4) lay out design of a congested page.

If the designer is able to produce CSS, the designer will get the job too after the selection.

Update 10-Nov-12 GMT
We do not want to waste prime property with a large banner that does not carry much of value to our customers and prospects. No banner or smaller banner is preferred.
Update 15-Nov-12 GMT
All, Thank you for submitting the great designs.
As for navigation of top page, following is the key links.
1) Search (to jump to search criteria page)
2) How it works
3) Done deals (in future use, not initial version)
4) Support
5) Log in & Password with remember me check box & a Log-in button
6) Register button(s)
Primary targets are 1) To be funded companies, 2) Institutional Investors and 3) Brokers/Dealers. But the target will be expand to 4) Consultants and 5) Job seekers soon. So, design needs to be flexible for the expansion.

In footer area
7) About, 8) Privacy, 9) Terms & Conditions, (10) Contact)

Having links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is plus but not must.

The objectives of top page are 1) Answer questions and concerns of potential user clearly and easily and invite to registration, 2) accommodate easy log-in for frequent users.

Thank you for your understanding.
Update 15-Nov-12 GMT

I strongly prefer that the design allows consistent design and navigation after log-in.
After login, navigation links are different by login profile. However, following links or similar links need to be in main navigation.

1) How it works, 2) Search, 3) Profile update, 4) Log-out, 5) Logo (back to top).

A few other links may be added such as 6) Support, 7) Deals or Opportunities

Thank you.
Update 17-Nov-12 GMT
To get enough feedback from other team member, I extend the deadline.
Update 18-Nov-12 GMT
Thank you for uploading designs. Majority of designs have too wide header navigation including logo. Since we would like to keep the same header and footer navigation for all pages, and the pages will be viewed with tablet, thinner header navigation is strongly preferred. Probably about a half of height of initial submission of majority of designs is our target.

Since the header navigation stays on all pages, please carefully consider how to use space for log-in after the log-in.

We would like to show name of the logged in person after login.

Mouse over is acceptable.

Log-in area needs to have remember me check box and "Forgot password?" link.

We would like to see two choices one has and another does not have "Register" in 3 type of uses box.

I will score home page design first and then designs for other pages.
Update 22-Nov-12 GMT
Thank you for submitting great designs.
I do appreciate your participation on this project. We have started final voting process internally and will not add newly submitted designs to the consideration.