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We are a start-up who needs your help to make us shine and put us on the map! We have spent hours wire-framing the site and we need your ninja web skills to bring it to life. We are fun to work with and will give you tons of feedback, enthusiastic support, and our undying love and appreciation. We are great people and want to work with the same.

We dream of a clean, styled, single page, modern design. Think meets

Update 21-Aug-11 GMT
We have been asked to make the gallery private, so we placed a request with CrowdSpring to do so. As it is close to midnight on a Saturday, it may take a day or so before this gets done. And if you're wondering why we're emailing CrowdSpring at midnight on a Saturday, it's because we care that much. :)
Update 22-Aug-11 GMT

Creatives, there has been some debate on whether to take the gallery private, and after speaking with CrowdSpring customer support, who informed us projects actually get MORE entries when the gallery is public, and knowing how much we enjoy riff'ing off of others work when we are in a creative endeavor, we've decided to keep this public. If you have concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work with you. Do not let this be a detriment to participating. We respect your work and want this to be a positive experience while still being an efficient process in achieving the best results.

DECISION: Gallery to remain PUBLIC.

Thanks all,

Birch Tree Group Team
Update 22-Aug-11 GMT

Some comments from the BTG team. We like to communicate and riff with our design partners a lot, so check here often for updates.

- This is a fluid, single-page, flowing design. The magic we are looking for is how you intend to make that work to feel cohesive, impactful, and elegant, and to see your awesome artistic skills. Just doing the top 1/5 is nice, but at least show us a concept for how the rest will look. We will definitely give you feedback, and fast.

- Feel free to post your own wire-frames, sketches, and random concepts. We are very experienced technical creatives from the media, video game, and design industries. We understand the difference between design sketches and final copy. We really get that your time is valuable and spec work is a necessary evil. Throw ideas at us. Let's riff together. We want to find that jaw-dropping awesome creative / design, award the project, and then do the rest of the detail work with you post award.

Thanks all!

Update 23-Aug-11 GMT
Team comments: Tuesday - 8/23

Good morning all! Some good entries have come in; we REALLY appreciate your willingness to let others see your work. We think it inspires the group.

Section icons - This is one of the areas that will make a winning entry. If you want to use different icons from ours, please do, we're not married to any of them. If you don't like the lotus, dump it! We won't be offended. We're not even sure we like the lotus. ;) We want to see your art skillz though, please don't use clip-art, at least for these 3 icons.

The iCloud logo - To be clear, we don't want a cloud! We included it as we liked the stainless steel look. However, feel free to ignore. We are going to leave the icon look up to the designer. We aren't going to use this as a product icon, just as the section header, so ignore the "Motivux" name or icon. You are "weapons free" to be creative.

Please spend some time on these icons. Be creative, create your own; make us proud!

We like flourishes, style, and subtle craftsmanship. Maybe an arrow or scribble on the side. A polaroid. A flowing piece of art. Something that flows with the site.

Again, our goal is one page, not separate pages. We don't have the content for multi-pages. You can reduce and rework the sections. The 3 sections will have a sentence or two and 4-6 points each. That's it.

As always, email us for details and comments. We are in a record heatwave here in Austin, TX. It's been 105+ every day for over 60 days! We always appreciate seeing cool entries to help us get through the heat! Keep them coming!

"warmest" regards,

The BTG crew

Update 23-Aug-11 GMT
Even MORE comments!

Check out:

All, yes, we know we're the schizophrenic client that says things like "We want it 28% more cool!", "Make it like Apple, but unique!" and "Here is our design, but feel free to ignore it!" only to be followed by "Hey, that's not in our design!"

We know, and we admit it. But hey, it's nice to be on this side of the table for once! ;)

Shhhh, just between you and us, we really like the design on

It's bright! Full page backgrounds! More images than text! We like them and their style. Several have suggested a multi-page format. If you want to try, we like theirs. The left / right flow to big, colorful pages. If you want to stay with the original, continuous page flow, then still, go with the big bright page idea. If we need a "brighter" version of our logo to match, then do it.

Let's avoid drab! Throw a background up!

Their page layouts and use of images are wonderful, on the surface or when you drill down to their product pages. We won't have drill down pages...

If we had to pick a style guide to emulate, it would be them. Ok. We said it. Please keep this between us.
Update 24-Aug-11 GMT
Happy Wednesday, y'all! ;)

We had a creative say something yesterday that we wanted to capture here as we thought it summed up well the essence of what we're looking for:

"a good combination of typography, nice images, and a great grid"

Ok, we realize this is akin to saying we love puppies and long walks on the beach, but humor us for a minute. The typography is very important to us. Bold but subtle fonts that make a message pop. Colors with enough variation to feel bright, but not garish. a grid that directs the eye and presents popping images: a mac-book w/ a screen-shot, an iPad with the logo. Not stock photography that one can spot from a mile away. Not a layout that looks like it came from template. Yes, we know our wire-frame looks like a lay-out that came from a template, but we're supposed to suck! As the client, that's our job! You need to be our Sheppard and show us the way!

And that's why we come to CrowdSpring, and that's why we keep our gallery public. So we can all riff together, collectively, to create something that is much more than the sum of its parts. Now we're getting all misty-eyed just typing this (and please don't ask how "we" are typing, it's meant to be a metaphor... :)

We hope this helps. We love coming here every day and seeing more! Thanks so much for participating!

Our Best,

BTG team
Update 29-Aug-14 GMT
Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that the buyer in this project has requested a refund. And, because we offer Buyers a money back guarantee, sometimes we have to make good on that promise.

Thanks so much for your efforts and creativity.

The cS crew