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Starts: 16-Jul-11 2:52 a.m. GMT

Ends: 29-Jul-11 2:52 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $2000, was awarded to outofli...

Award 2: $800

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We have just wrapped up the wireframe UI/UX for for a large scale web site, web application. The site is geared towards attendees and exhibitors and should bring an innovative fresh design to meet the needs of the user and fullfill our wireframe requirements. We are looking for a designer that can not only bring gifted design to the page but also provide all of the more subtle things that might happen in the interaction and design patterns.

Update 19-Jul-11 GMT
I put some links and reviews together to help the creatives on this. I knows it's hard to guess at a blank slate

I like the clean fonts and style. The buttons and elements are nice

Amazing depth and detail 

Super clean. Overly simple for us but nice

I don't love this entirely but like some of the elements and details. It's a Lille spacey in some places. 

Great details and accents
Update 21-Jul-11 GMT
Still need to try and get more designs. Some are great but many have not followed the directions at all or have made generic designs.

To those of you that have great works submitted, thanks. we will continue vetting out feedback and getting closer.

Update 23-Jul-11 GMT
I have added a XPS file of the wireframes to encourage more participation on the project

Update 23-Jul-11 GMT
I like some of the design patterns here and details. This is a little glossy for me but some of the direction I think is good.

Nice job on fonts, typography, priorities on the page

This is a bit simple for our design but i like the detail and clean look. the menu for sure doesnt work for us but i like the page in general

Nice. i would have liked it more if the page had some effect behind it but i like the general cleaness of the site. this template seems to cover a lot of things that are pretty nice. Maybe with a little more depth it would work for us.

A totally different approach that might look good for us but would be hard to say. its pretty bold so i would for sure need to tone it down a bit but its clear the IA on this site is strong.

nice,. some parts seem to be well defined and others not so much but in general its not bad. I like the photo effects.

Pretty awesome design, priority, weighting etc...
Update 23-Jul-11 GMT
I have up'd the second place prize by a couple hundred dollars to try and get more participation.

Lets see those creative designs and ideas flow this weekend.

Update 25-Jul-11 GMT
I have uploaded the wireframe images directly for you to review. This should help you know exactly what we are looking for. its the same set of images that were in the detailed wireframe document but I feel like given the low rate of submissions that something must be unclear so I am hoping this will help.

We will be making a shortlist of designs/designers tomorrow so if you are interested please jump in soon.

The Show Info page is the most critical at this point.