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Creative brief

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What do you do?

An independent, small production company based in Paris, France searching for new international talent and ideas for producing and creating new, interesting short films for an American and Europeen audience.

What is your industry?

Publishing and Media

Describe your audience

Young, international adults (principally in the US, France, and Macedonia) who value obscur films and artistic approaches in film-making. The film will be in festivals so must also please the jury composed of older, more experienced people in the business.

How do you intend to use this script?

This script will be translated into Macedonian and filmed in Skopje, Macedonia in Summer 2014 and presented at all the festivals in the Balkans, France, US, and a few other Europeen Countrys.

What 3 things would you like to communicate through this script to your audience?

Psychological power struggle between two young women.
Patience is a virtue. (or not)
Les jeux sont faits.

Do you have a title for this script?

Скора (Skora)

Do you have a thesis or conclusion that must be reached?

Sosh is sitting alone on a rock at the park in the evening wearing the clothes and make-up from the previous day. It appears as is if she had been crying (some runny mascara), but now she stares blankly down at the ground. Suddenly, a flash of light appears further away in the distance and lands on her cheek. The glow of the lights spreads across her face and hoody. She smiles, fulfilled. We don't know why, but her journey is complete.

List specific information that must be included

Main Characters:
-Саш (Sosh, short for Sasha)
-Мик (Mik, short for Mika)

Two Macedonian teenage girls who are fun, cute but naive. Mik is kind of the leader of the two, although Sosh is more intelligent and secretly wiser. She plays the part of the fun obeying friend, but it's really more of a mask to gain Mik's acceptance.

They spend nearly all their time roaming and hanging around Skopje's center (capital pf Macedonia), talking about French philosophy (Sartre, Descartes, etc.), Serbian pop-culture and idols, Old Japanese paintings (Meiji period), Russia's October revolution, etc. Needless to say, their topics of conversation are worldly and diverse, however these two girls have always lived in Skopje- except Sosh, who spent the first half of her life in Stip (smaller Macedonian city) and gets ragged by nearly everyone she comes across because of Skopjianites ethnocentrism- and treat the subjects a bit clumsily.

What's more is these types of conversations tend to be a pretext for the power struggle there is between the two young ladies, Sosh wanting to demonstrate her competence and worth while staying cool and timid behind her mask and allowing her friend to fill the leader role, and Mik who tends to be obnoxious at some points and is passively-aggressive condescending all while remaining smiley and 'bestfriend-ish".

The Story: The first scene is the two girls sitting, hanging around a park. They are talking about subjects mentioned above and are waiting on something to happen, or somebody to come (never explicitly explained what). They become restless and Mik convinces Sosh for them to leave. Sosh is disappointed but agrees.

We see a man a few years older than them searching for something under the moonlight in the trashcans. Cats are roaming around the cans. He is really working at whatever he is trying to find, and then finds the object, takes it out, and lets off a satisfied smile. (What's the object?)

The two girls are at a garage concert underground the city. Mik is calling too much attention to her self by how hard she is partying in this fairly small intimate place with not more than 20 people. She is embarrassing the band and especially the guy she has her eye on. Sosh is standing further back holding a beer and is approached by the guy who was rummaging through the trash. We can tell he is into her and she is flattered, but he never flirts or comes onto her but rather they talk about metaphysics and it's relation to the concert.

The two girls are waiting at a bus stop. Mik is bored and laying on the bench, nearly hanging off. Sosh is hope full and looking around to see if /it/ will come today. Party Scene. People with animal masks.Something happens to Mik. Sosh finds out somehow.

Sosh returns to the park from the first scene. She's sad and letdown. When it's seems like there's no hope left, a glow of light appears on her face and she looks up. Sosh smiles. END

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

Artistic, Ambiguous Ambience, Happy Grunge, Philosphical, Pscychological, Waiting for Future, Pop, Dark Colorful, Independant

What is your required length in words or pages for this script?

12-14 pages

Do you want to include additional info?

The rough story outline above is not the entire story. There is many things needed to be added, and the things listed above may be altered. I'm looking for most of the elements to be included and to be smoothed out to create one COHERENT story.

Sosh and Mik must NEVER TALK ABOUT BOYS.
There is a bit of romance between Sosh and the guy at the concert and Mik dances with some other guys, but the story is not centered around these boy-girl relationships, and covers them briefly.

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