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Personal Info

Your Name

Tanya Stevenson

What do you do?

Public Health Professional

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Public Health/Non-Profit

Describe your audience

Individuals, organizations, and companies that are hiring. I would like to get a job!

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through your resume?

Experience, confidence, well-rounded.

Style and Details

Your Employment History

see attached resume

Your Education

Doctorate - see attached resume.

Specific skills

see resume

Languages or special abilities


Hobbies and activities

hiking, camping (at least 2x/yr),

Traveling (have driven across the US, lived & worked in both Mexico and Ireland, traveled extensively throughout the UK (home of my grandparents), parts of Africa, western Europe, Caribbean, Peru, and more)

Movies, reading, Mexican food, played soccer for 17 years (center forward and right half), have attended a royal wedding, have hiked the Inca Trail, been skydiving, para-sailing, cavern rappelling, and most recently white-water rafting down the American River (class 4 rapids).

Most Thanksgiving mornings you will find me running with my family at the Run to Feed The Hungry 5k, benefiting Sacramento's Food Bank.

My CV has other important hobbies/personal accomplishments.

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

That I have a ton of experience but have a great sense of humor and am well-balanced (without just saying it outright!). Basically, integrating how my awesome personal life helps me excel in business.

Do you have any preferences for the visual style of the resume?

This is for a written bio that can be submitted with an existing resume. The idea is that it will sound amazing and like someone you want to have working for and with you.
I love the flow and intimate personal feeling you get with bios like those on the ACME Business Consulting page: http://acmebusinessconsulting.com/people...
I need something that sounds as friendly and personable yet gives enough experience detail that someone will be excited to hire me!

Do you want to include any additional info?

I have not worked full-time for nearly 3 years. I do not want the bio to suggest anything like that, please! It is a tough market out there and I need to be as dynamic as possible.
Additionally, while it is included in my CV, I enjoy development work (fundraising) so some of my job prospects are development related. Not afraid to do it for something I truly believe in. I need this to standout in the bio but not more than my other experience.
Below is an old, outdated bio that didn't seem to be very helpful. I don't want it to sound anything like this but still include the important information employers are interested in.

Devoted to education, health promotion, and social justice, Tanya Stevenson, EdD, MPH has dedicated her passion to public health education for over a decade. Focusing first on sexual assault prevention and cancer resources and services in Manhattan, she became engaged in HIV prevention with the New York City Department of Health Office of AIDS Research. Dr. Stevenson went on to become the Program Manager of the National Evaluation AIDS Education and Training Center, and then the Co-Director of the New York/New Jersey AIDS Education and Training Center, helping to reach over 20,000 clinicians through over 2000 continuing education trainings each year. Prior to relocating back to her native state of California, she conducted an evaluation of an HIV community education program in Oaxaca, Mexico for the ProMexico Service Corp and spent time in Eastern and South Africa. She is an avid book reader, hiker, and loves to camp. Dr. Stevenson received her Doctorate of Education in Health Education and her Master of Public Health Degree in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University. She is also a proud alum of UCLA where she double majored in Psychology and Women's Studies.

The new bio can obviously be longer than this if necessary. Trying to find the Goldilocks of bios!



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