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Creative brief

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Business Name

Pransky and Associates

What do you do?

We teach people about how the human mind works, which changes them and the way they go about their lives, how they handle their relationships, their home lives, their working lives, etc. They ultimately become better business leaders, parents, etc. The people that come to us are either looking for personal or professional development, want to have nicer lives, closer relationships, or are struggling in one of these aspects. Feel free to check out our website if you think that would help (

We are looking for a name for a web course. It's an 8 week crash course that teaches a set of principles that our model is based on that helps people with whatever they're looking for (see above). It's a very engaging, relatable set of lessons that uses a variety of media (video lecture, animation, visual aids), humor, and is oriented toward your every-day average person (so it's not presented as an academic course).

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

not required

What is your industry?

Consulting and Professional Services

Describe your audience

People that are higher-functioning to have enough expendable income and time-management skills to take a $600 web course.They either want to take a course like this because they value opportunities for personal development (think there's always room to grow in terms of being a better parent, better business leader, better spouse), or they're struggling in some area enough where they have a desire to change and are motivated to read a book, go to a life coach, or take a course like this. Our audience could be a factory worker or an attorney or anything in-between.

What 3 things do you want your product name to communicate to your audience?

1. This course will impact how they feel in life, and how well they do in life (we listed specific words/phrases below)
2. This is fresh and different from other sources of self help
3. This can be life-changing.

List the names of your top three competitor products

Michael Neill's Living from the Inside Out
Tony Robbins The Ultimate Edge
Ekhart Tolle The Uncourse

What character, tenor or spirit do you wish to convey?

Down to earth, real, useful/practical, hopeful, lighthearted, witty

Are there any words or phrases you like?

1. More engagement and clarity in life overall,
2. More freshness, inspiration and vision,
3. More confident and secure,
4. More passion, motivation, and enthusiasm for life, Sense of fulfillment.

1. More capable, leveraged, and overall perform better across their life, 2. See possibilities they didn't see before and hook into more of their potential, 3. Have more natural drive and feel more empowered.

Are there specific words or phrases you don't like?

effective, happy, success, ambition, or any language that's overused, makes us sound "new-agey," or implies that we're just dealing with the "soft" side of life where it's all about being positive.

Do you want to include additional info?

This is a challenging naming project because 1. It's hard for people to imagine that an 8-week online course could change someone's life significantly until they've taken the course themselves, so claiming that it's life-changing makes it lose credibility (or looks like another spam e-mail), and 2. We're very different from Tony Robbins and Eckart Tolle, but our titles can make us look the same. Tony Robbins is motivational, we're matter-of-fact and let the material stand on it's own. Eckhart Tolle is abstract and theoretical, we're down-to-earth and practical. We find it hard to distinguish ourselves in a title, they don't realize the difference until they've done our programs, but maybe you guys can find a way to make us stand out. We are very motivated to find the right name and we will be very active in this process. This is our life's work and in a lot of ways, this course is the most exciting thing we've ever created. Thank you for your help! In terms of other work we like, we love the freshness and tone of this site:
Here are some names that we have come up with to give you an idea of where we started (we find the language is very new-agey, jargon-y, a little on the corny side) but will give you a sense of what we're trying to convey:
Resilience: The Principles behind thriving, rebounding and taking your game to another level
One Course that can Change EVERYTHING: The Principles behind a happy and high-performance life
Don’t settle for Good Enough: Upgrade to an extraordinary life
One other factor we need to consider somehow in this process: You'll notice two of the titles we came up above have the word "principles" in them. We feel it's important to incorporate that term into our title somehow because it's part of our brand, our identity, and how we distinguish ourselves from the Tony Robbins of the world. However, it's such a dry, academic word to have in a title, and clearly not the kind of language that grabs you. Our solution was that we would come up with a fitting subtitle once we get a main title from this contest, and we could reference principles in the subtitle. We also realize we have alot we hope to communicate in a 50-character title, which is probably a tall order, and we will likely need a subtitle anyway to get the rest of what's important across. So we're planning on incorporating "principles" into our subtitle. We would absolutely welcome any ideas you come up for a subtitle that can use the word "principles".

Brief updates

By Pransky on 7-Aug-13 12:38 a.m. GMT
We'd like to add the word "refreshing" to the "tone, spirit and tenor" section the description. Thank you so much for the submissions, well send feedback soon.
By Pransky on 7-Aug-13 7:30 a.m. GMT
Hello all of you hard working creatives,

We apologize that it's taken us so long to provided our first feedback. We are very new to the process both of considering names like this for our course and also the process of reviewing submissions and giving feedback on CrowdSpring. We will stay on top of it.

A few general comments on the submissions so far:

The titles we've liked so far have been more than just a clever word or two, they've captured a bigger concept or a visual that is recognizable to the consumer as something that has impact both emotionally and practically. We found a lot of titles only reflect the practical without the emotional meaning (some vice versa).

Entries have been short, 1-3 words, we would love to see what longer submissions would look like which might be able to convey more. We are looking for a product name that has some degree of description, that gives people a little more of a feel for what they’re getting. We’re thinking maybe a phrase or a line instead of a few words. They seem to us more like company names or gadget names rather than names for a course title. It seems to us that a course title needs more substance.

A lot of titles are too technical and don’t inspire and don’t grab me and make me want to send my mom to this course.

We appreciate the suggestions of subtitles, too, thank you to those who are sharing those, as well.

We’re looking forward to new submissions and new generations, see you soon,

Kara and Erika
By Pransky on 7-Aug-13 8:51 p.m. GMT

Based on your submissions we've refined our target audience so it's more specific, so you guys can visualize a certain kind of person, making it easier to tune in to a the consciousness of the consumer. Hopefully that will make it less of a guessing game. Here's an example of our target audience:

30-40 yo professional man or woman with kids, involved in their community and doesn’t spend a lot of time reading self help books but would welcome help if they knew at a glance that it captured the things they valued enough to make time for.

By Pransky on 7-Aug-13 10:58 p.m. GMT
Hello all,

Thank you for the entries.

We have a lot of entries and are trying to submit feedback personal feedback for as many as we can but we cannot get to all of them. However we are learning a lot as the process goes on and will continue to post updates about what we are learning and refine what we are looking for.

Here's what we're seeing:

1. We love entries that use a visual or a concept (as opposed to just stringing words together)

2. Visuals and concepts that work best are:
a. original, not overused
b. Not obscure or cryptic - we want the consumer to easily recognize what that visual is supposed to represent, and be able to tell from the title that the course has to do with having a better life. Even with a good subtitle, we don't want to lose them before they read on.
c. Interesting and intriguing

3. We're looking for words that aren't in our description, particularly titles that just present a combination of 2 words we listed, for example "Empowering Enthusiasm" That wasn't an entry but is similar to some of what we're seeing. We're looking for new words and concepts.

4. We're looking for a title that communicates the practical and emotional benefits of the course but in a subtle way, implying that you’ll feel better and do better in life without using the words that are typically used in our industry.

5. We're really looking for plain language that our target audience would use in their everyday conversations. Usually in our industry you see the same kind of language with big "frilly" words that are used so much they've become white noise. We'd love to stand out, distinguish ourselves from that.

We are working very hard to rate submissions and give feedback, and for some reason we are still being rated as average but we hope you know that we appreciate all of your hard work and will continue to read everything you send and guide you as best we can.

Thank you so much to all of you so far who have taken the time to contribute!

By Pransky on 9-Aug-13 1 a.m. GMT
Hi Creatives,

We’ve been stuck by not finding something that we love, and the process of looking at the names you’ve generated have made us refine what we’re hoping to see in a webcourse name. So we’ll talk more specifically about what we’re hoping to have these names reflect. We’ve also found that a lot of names we’ve been getting have been a little esoteric and hard for your average person to relate to, so we’ll say a little about that as well.

There’s times in life we surprise ourselves with our creativity, poise, maturity, patience, or resilience. Somehow, personally, we take things to another level, and everyone has the capacity to do that. We just have moments when we see ourselves hooked into something transcendent, yet it’s common and happens to everyone in varying amounts and can happen in any area of a person’s life, professionally, personally, and in their relationships. For example, we’re able to focus while under obscene amounts of pressure instead of freaking out, we get through things we didn’t think we were capable of, and we’re accepting and forgiving of a certain person even though we’re not the forgiving type, you have a creative idea come to you, you suddenly come up with a solution to a problem you’ve had. This webcourse explains what it takes to have that happen more, to draw that out in people more often. We don’t try to install or add something to how people are, we “mine” what’s already in there and teach them how the whole thing works, and that’s what changes people. That’s what we want our title to convey because it’s what distinguishes us from the people in neighboring fields. While it’s an amazing phenomenon, it’s accessible to everyone, rocket scientists, bus drivers, teenagers, writers :), so we want to represent that process and that potential in a title in a light-hearted, plain-language, down-to-earth way (which means we wouldn’t use words like “mine” and “transcendent.”)

Again, thank you so much for your efforts and enthusiasm!

Kara and Erika
By Pransky on 10-Aug-13 8:33 p.m. GMT
Hi creatives,

We have been so impressed with the submissions we're getting and have been blown away with the originality and thoughtfulness you're bringing. As the contest deadlines gets closer, we want to narrow down what we think might be good things to focus on:

There are two type of names we're most interested in having gone through this process:

1. Said it already, but like new, original metaphors or concepts that are instantly relatable and recognizeable to the public, and capture the process and results of our course without all the big, fancy, overused words. For example, in the personal develpment field you'll see titles of courses or workshops that use the concept of getting a "Tune-up" (like "Tune-up your Marriage"). Everyone knows what that word means and can easily see what that would look like in the personal develpment process. Yet it uses small words, nothing new-agey, nothing touchy-feely. As a title it's now overused so we wouldn't want a title with "Tune-up" in it, but that's an example of the kind of submissions we're getting that we really like. Hope that makes sense. Keep in mind that the parallel can't be too obscure that people can't see how it's a parallel or metaphor.

2. We're getting alot of self-development terms that are a little too abstract or just not quite the right feel. The words "resilience" and "Clarity" are a few words that we commonly use in our language and literature that represent the results or impact of our course and the work we do. Both words capture the feel and meaning we're looking for. We'd like to have entries that incorporate these words, either one or both, and you're welcome to use other forms of the words (like you could use "resilient" or "clear"). To get a feel for how we use them, they're both used on the home page if you haven't been there already, and I think they're both in our the project description for this contest as well.

We still welcome other kinds of submissions but since we're in the final 24 hours, we thought we'd give you some specific ideas to see what we get. Thanks!