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Award 1: $250

Award 2: $200

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The Ask
Complete a writing project to name a new web-based software product that will be created in 2013. The writing project includes developing a creative and marketable identity for this product, including:
• Product Name/Product Domain Name (.com is highly favored)
• Product Tag Line

I look forward to this will be a fun and collaborative project! I want this to have a fresh web 2.0 feel, and resonate in a friendly way with customers.

I am not looking for quirky, obnoxious, or off-the-wall names, after all, this product does target business owners who are uber busy and out to make a living. Creativity will be greatly valued here. I have no idea what ideas will come out of this project (no pre-concieved ideas), but look forward to great ideas from the "Crowd". Please work creatively, and ask me anything you need to know to do your best work!

Here is an introduction to the product:

[PRODUCT NAME] is a company founded to design, develop, and market Software as a Service (SaaS) products that assist with the security and accountability of various business software systems. The company’s first release will…

The latest figures from the US Census Bureau state that there are 5,782,199 small businesses and another 94,942 that can be classified as small to medium. These businesses employ an incredible 99.8% of US workers, and each of these firms has the greatest vulnerability to fraud and embezzlement. In fact a report issued by Marquet International, Ltd stated that the victims of more than 1,000 major embezzlement cases that took place over the past three years were privately held small and medium sized businesses.

[PRODUCT NAME] understands that many employers are either too busy, or simply do not have the financial abilities to fully understand the economic side of their own companies, which is why they have developed a product…

Update 15-Jan-13 GMT
Award 1 is for the Product Name
Award 2 is for the Tag Line Creation
Update 15-Jan-13 GMT
When submitting product names, please give me a sentence on how you think the name ties into the product, or what the elements of the name are from. Thank You!