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Business Info

Business Name

Evergreen Innovation Partners

What do you do?

We work with clients on new products. In this case our client is interested in designing a tablet-binder case for sale at mass retailers for high school and middle school students.

What is the product designed to do?

The iPad and other tablets are becoming a popular tool for students. This indicates a shift in the way that people organize and access their documents. Our client is seeking designs for a next generation tablet-binder that will provide high school and middle school students with a one stop shop organizer that seamlessly integrates traditional paper storage and school note taking with a tablet such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy S, or Amazon Kindle Fire.

List the size and weight requirement(s) for your product design

In general, bonus points will be given for relatively slim, lightweight solutions, but were open to multiple form factors. Prioritize meeting the main requirements below.

List all other important design requirements

Desired qualities in your submission in order of priority:
(a) The primary goal is the seamless integration of traditional student binder with a tablet. The product should be a simple, intuitive, durable and functional form factor that allows paper storage, paper note taking and easy access to the electronic device. The user should be able to access the tablet and note taking paper simultaneously. The solution can be a 3 ring binder, but it can also be any type of system as long as it meets the students needs for storing notes, note taking and tablet use.
(b) The system should be able to work with different tablets. The iPad is important, but think beyond that. Is there a way to cleanly and securely store a variety of shapes and sizes of tablet using one universal system?
(c) The solution should be as low-profile as possible, and should be durable enough to protect the tablet and last the whole school year.

Will this product need to be certified?


Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the end users of your product design

High school and middle school students

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your product design?

- With this organizer, I only need to take one thing out of my backpack and Im ready.
- This will really help me stay organized and enable me to be successful at school.
- Someone anticipated my needs. It's intuitive and cool.

What products will this new product compete with?

Existing hard and soft cases/covers for iPads and other tablets, as well as student notebooks used for traditional paper note taking.

What is your target retail price?


Style, Concept and Environmental Factors

What product design styles do you like?

Simple designs with strong and practical functionality. Beyond the functional priorities, an attractive aesthetic design is a plus.

What colors do you want to see in your product design?


What colors do you NOT want to see in your product design?


What adjectives should best describe your product design?

Enabler, flexible/multifunctional, new, different, smart, durable, protective, one-stop-shop

Describe the operating environment for the product.

Classroom, table/desk, backpack, knees, play, travel

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