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About Your Company

We manufacture functional, minimalist, sleek, high-end leather goods for discerning consumers. Our leather is procured and tanned through ethical, eco-friendly practices so our customers can feel good about using our products.


Company Name

MNML Leather Co.


The product is a functional leather backpack made for professionals and frequent travellers. It will have a simple, sleek aesthetic design, combined with a high level of functionality, workmanship, and quality.

Wearing a backpack with a suit or sport jacket is a common fashion faux-pas. It causes the suit jacket to bunch and pull, ruining the clean, refined look of a nicely tailored suit.

The main purpose of this project is to revolutionize the backpack by designing straps that make it easy to take the backpack on and off, distribute weight evenly across the shoulders, don't cause the suit material to bunch, and have a simple, clean look that can be worn with a suit, as well as t-shirt and jeans.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This project is for the design of the straps ONLY. Do not worry about the design of the backpack itself, unless the strap design requires the backpack to have a certain shape, size, orientation etc.

Target Audience

Discerning customers with an eye for fashion and function. Our customers have the income to invest in quality products. They are active and on-the-go. Function is important to them.


Size: Not picky on dimensions. More interested in function. Use as much creativity as you want here.
Thickness: 3.6 mm (thickness is based on the leather weight)

Required certifications


  • https://www.filson.com/

    High quality, durable apparel and accessories. Filson sources their leather from the same tannery we do.

  • https://www.monteandcoe.com/

    Monte & Coe is a Canadian lifestyle brand that creates bags and accessories using premium wool and leather sourced from Italy.

  • https://www.nomatic.com/

    Feature packed products designed with purpose, to help you stay organized and have confidence on the move. (We want to be a high-end version of this)


One time fee.

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Concrete, Organic, Luxurious, Youthful, Serious, Masculine, Minimal, Modern
Top 3 Things

Functional. High Quality. Ethical.


No big, hefty straps.
Clean design.



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