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Our city has very special natural areas and we would like to brand and advertise it. Zonguldak is a city on the Black Sea coast of the western Anatolian peninsula of Turkey. We are a city governorship. Our audience is citizens and tourists.


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Zonguldak City – Governorship


We would like to order a gift design to distribute to visitors.
The landscape of the region consists mostly by the mountains and the rivers and the shore is dominated by the violent Black Sea, which forms a typical black sea region city structure- of which has become trapped between the sea and the rough geography.
It has been the center of the coal production of the country starting from the second half of the nineteenth century.
Zonguldak city has very special natural reserve areas. Gümeli - Egerci Region is inland Zonguldak Coast, approx. 1300mt high full with forests and highland fields. The most prominent element of this region is a yew tree (taxus baccata) (Porsuk in Turkish) which is 4114 years old. This area of the yew tree woods is full with trees over 1000 years old and some other important trees.
We would like to order a design that represents 4114 years old tree. This will be a souvenir.

Target Audience

Citizens, nature lovers, tourists (local and international), biologist, tree specialists.


As it is a souveneir we prefer it can be portable easily so that we thought it should fit 30*30*30 cm box (maximum)

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No, it doesn't.



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Concrete, Rigid, Economical, Youthful, Serious, Feminine, Minimal, Modern
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Ancient, strength, virtue


It's a souvenir focused on the tree itself. It should have a direct message about the visual appearance of the tree.

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