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Animal & Pet

About Your Company

This would be the "AWAY Luggage" / "Everlane" of dog goods.
The goal is to be a direct to consumer, lifestyle brand that offers high-quality items for fair prices. Though the goods will be functional and just based on design/good looks.


Company Name



They make it easier for pet owners to spend more time with their dogs without worrying about the little annoying things that come with owning a pet.

You have the option to design a dog harness, leash, bed or travel bag (you can also do more than one).

The goal is to think beyond the aesthetic.
If its a leash for example, what would it offer that makes it an "improved" version of what's out in the market? How will bring peace of mind to the owner?

Target Audience

28+ yrs olds pet owners, living in metropolitan areas.
They have at least a Bachelors degree and make more than $80K a year.

They're career oriented but loves hanging out with their friends on the weekends. Brunch/dinners (at home our out), weekend trips, and being outdoors with their dog.

They have an eye for design and gravitate towards brands that share their values.

They're not "trendy" and try to avoid things that are because they associate "superficial" with being trendy.

They tend to buy things that look good but also improves their life in some way. Functionality is important to them. For example, instead of a regular carry on, they would get an AWAY carry on because they can charge their battery with it.

They're loyal to brands that are easy to navigate and are not too expensive.

Favorite brands are: Everlane, Glossier, Harry's, Muji and Vrai & Oro.


Harness: Girth: 14-22" (12-20 lbs)
Leash: 4Feet

Required certifications


  • https://www.wildebeest.co

    The founder of this brand is a product designer so she has thought about the functionality of these items which is great. She has also a clean aesthetic without being boring.

  • https://wildone.com/

    They just launched. Not a fan of their stuff as it looks cheap and boring. It also doesn't offer anything special than the other options out there. THAT SAID, I do like their clean and seamless experience.

  • https://us.zee-dog.com

    I like they have been starting to think beyong the "looks" (see their shock absorbent leash), bed and pee pads to understand what I mean. I also appreciate their price points.


One time fee online store.
I can charge different prices depending on the materials. I.e: leather vs fabric.

Colors to Explore


Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

Concrete, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Serious, Feminine, Minimal, Modern
Top 3 Things

Modern lifestyle.
High quality.


Something that looks clean and modern but has a twist utility-wise.
For example, can the leash have a feature to easily and securely attach your dog to a fence/tree while you go to buy coffee? Small twists are great. Do not need to come back with a high tech item.

Additional Info

There are millions of dog goods out there. Most of them look/are cheap and don't last long. The better options are too expensive (see: Hound, Found My Animal and Casper dog bed). I'm trying to offer high quality for a fair price WHILE ensuring all goods have something that makes them special than the current options in the market.
Think: MUJI.



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