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Business Info

Business Name

Evergreen Innovation Partners

What do you do?

We work with clients on developing new products. In this case our client is interested in
designing a new drawer organization system for use in home office settings.

What is the product designed to do?

This project is to design a customizable and adjustable system to organize drawer space in a
desk. The product should be designed for the home office user with home office drawer space
that needs organization. A secondary target use is in catch-all drawers that may be located in
the kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms of the home. The desired solution will have the ability to
fit drawers of different sizes and shapes and will have the ability to be configured by the end user
to suit his or her specific items and needs.

List the size and weight requirement(s) for your product design

The size should be adjustable to fit common drawer sizes and shapes, with a maximum
dimension of 18 x 25 (457mm x 635mm) and a compartment wall height of 2-4 (51-102mm)

List all other important design requirements

Desired qualities in your submission in order of priority:
(a) System should provide effective separation of contents and ideally can be adjusted or changed over time;

(b) Designs should consider cost minimization;

(c) Ideally, the system will fit the entire drawer space;

(d) Purchase decision-maker is the female head of household

Will this product need to be certified?


Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the end users of your product design

Consumers primarily those with small office or home office, but also those looking to organize
their kitchen or bathroom drawer(s).

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your product design?

(1) With this organizer, I can easily and quickly find items in drawers;

(2) This will really help me stay organized and enables me to be efficient - someone anticipated
my needs - it's intuitive and well-designed;

(3) This organizer certainly will fit my drawer, and will be easy to install and configure to my needs.

What products will this new product compete with?

Existing drawer organization solutions.

What is your target retail price?

Priced to compete with existing drawer organization systems ($10-$25).

Style, Concept and Environmental Factors

What product design styles do you like?

Simple designs with strong and practical functionality. Beyond the functional priorities, an
attractive aesthetic design is a plus.

What colors do you want to see in your product design?

No preference

What colors do you NOT want to see in your product design?

No preference

What adjectives should best describe your product design?

Enabler, clever, easy, new, different, smart, one-stop-shop, intuitive.

Describe the operating environment for the product.

Home office and other home drawers.

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