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We sell pet grooming products online. The target audience shedding dogs/cats owners in United States.


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yu gong bridging


It is a dog seat cover used to protect back passenger car seats from dog scratching and shedded hair.

Target Audience

Dog owners with pets that shed


54" x 58"

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one time fee

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Concrete, Organic, Luxurious, Mature, Masculine, Playful, Minimal, Modern
Top 3 Things

Utility: Easy of Use, Effective Protection
Design: Pleasant to have in the car
Pampered Comfort: If I was my dog, I'd want to seat in it too!


design that addresses the top challenges/complaints that users are having with existing products in the marketplace.

Additional Info

Here is a detailed list of the issues customers are facing: 1) The four straps for two front headrests and two back headrests need to be adjustable and strong. Current straps in the marketplace often breaks. Also, needs to consider some old cars where rear headrests aren't available (some products address this by adding two neoprene belts to go around the backseat to secure the product. 2)When the velcro hole (opening for access to seat belt buckle) is used, food and small items can fall through the opening 3) The seat belt tends to fly around in the car while driving due to not being sufficiently wrapped or anchored on the car seats (one customer suggested grommet holes to add more anchoring features) 4) stitchings get unstick after washing or wear (some products remedy this by having heavy double stitched seams prevent rips or tears from dog claws) 5) People and pet need to be able to share the backseat (current designs to address this is by having a zipper that divide the front cover in half (attached to front seat), the challenge is the zipper not being strong enough to withstand the force generated by the dog's weight and thus breaking while in use. 6) Four upper corners of the seat cover tend to flop over to expose the seat 7) users also complaint about the seat cover material not being anti-scratch enough to withstand the dog's claws 8) the overall stitching needs to be of higher quality and durability These are some of the issues and challenges the winning design needs to address. I am more than happy to collaborate with each designer. There are many great designs you can get inspirations from on websites I've listed in the brief: petsmarts.com chewy.com and amazon.com There are tons of information on those three websites and I draw inspirations via: 1) looking at top seller's designs in the images and product features, as well as illustrations videos found on Youtube.com 2) reading customer feedback, especially the 1, 2, 3 star ones to find out exact issues users are having. I also search for keywords to filter out feedback/reviews that are specific to a certain problem, for example, I'll search for "strap" or "stitching" to find critical reviews relevant to "strap" or "stitching" Look forward to collaborations. Thanks, Dylan



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