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Flying Fish Lab is an open-innovation consultancy. This project is for one of our clients, a global food company. The objective is to invent a new type of snack that will fit one of three specific occasion. Please read the attached brief in order to participate.


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We are becoming more aware about eating food that’s not only delicious but also good for you. We take greater care about what we eat and avoid snacks that are too rich and too sweet. Yet sometimes we crave for sweet treats to reward ourselves, and that is ok. The problem is that while the supermarket aisles are full of snacks, they tend to go towards two extremes: Either the snacks are pure health food (fancy an unsweetened quinoa bar as a treat?) or pure indulgence (double chocolate brownie – I feel too guilty to even look at it).

Surely there is an opportunity to create a snack that strikes a balance between naughty and nice?

Unleash your imagination by inventing a wholesome new snack that would satisfy our conflicting desires for a well-deserved indulgence while also being good for you.

Target Audience

To create your new snack, pick one of these 3 snacking occasions: “concentrated indulgence”, “wholesome baked” and “Better for you kids treats” and create your own recipe to suit the occasion you are making this for.

• Concentrated indulgence. It’s already afternoon, or even evening. You are tired after a hard, long day. You are looking for the perfect combination between naughty and nice, that sweet spot that you so much deserve and will ease your craving. You want something made with indulgent ingredients (think of chocolate, salted caramel and similar goodies), bursting with taste and textures from wholesome ingredients. It could be single-portioned, or bite-sized, something small, so you won’t feel guilty after having one, or two…. or even if you have a little bit more. Find the right balance to create this “not your ordinary snack”.

• Wholesome baked: Something that will make you think of home baking and the wonderful smells coming from a hot oven full of tempting treats. Create a baked snack that all family members will love. Ideal for an afternoon tea or as a snack for a school lunch box. Something homely, that reminds you of home baking, but is not a cake, with a combination of rich ingredients (like chocolate chips) and wholesome ingredients (wholegrain, dried cherries, dates) that speak for themselves and remind you of baking at home. A feel-good snack that will delight the whole family, full of flavour and deliciousness.

• “Better for you” Kids Treats: Every day is full of adventures for our children. Kids need a bit of a treat too as they go through their busy day, perhaps even as a surprise they find in their school lunchbox. But children are choosy and prefer snacks that are sweet, fun, have attractive shapes and are soft to bite. Say no to boring food, dare to be a bit naughty. You have to convince both mums and kids with a single idea that gives mums peace of mind because it has wholesome goodies (use grains, seeds, fruit, etc.) and their kids will eat and enjoy because these goodies are hidden. Your idea should be able to replace ordinary muesli bars.

Here are a few things you should consider about your new wholesome snack:

• While you need to find the right balance of better for you and indulgence, do not forget that this snack will be eaten as a treat. Therefore, it has to be a bit naughty to be a reward. This is not health food or fuel for the day or for the gym!
• Use both “naughty” ingredients such as chocolate chips, cookie dough, marshmallow... and wholesome ingredients (grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, flowers and more…). Stay away from artificial stuff.
• Not savoury. We want some sweetness.
• Tasty and indulgent. A good balance of ingredients and flavours yet very appetizing. A piece of fruit coated in cereals may be healthy, but it is not really exciting. Add some naughty bits to it like some chocolate or sweet coconut coating and it suddenly becomes something you may crave.
• Visually attractive and diverse (pick several ingredients)
• Easy to bring along with you wherever you go and does not require cooking or preparation.
• Think beyond the bar shape, unless you have an exceptional idea for this format. There are too many bars out there. Explore the world of food and be bold.
• Not refrigerated. These snacks will be sold in supermarkets aisles, convenience stores and similar outlets.
• Finally, there are many types of snacks out there to choose from. We are looking for something new and original!


Please see the requirements in the attached brief. No specific target size or weight.

Required certifications

No specific guidelines and regulations at this stage of the project.


• These snacks will be sold in supermarkets aisles, convenience stores and similar outlets.

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Concrete, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Feminine, Complex, Modern
Top 3 Things

• Do not limit your idea to the muesli/cereal bar. Think also of other formats (balls, cones, popsicles…) unless you can really surprise us with an unconventional bar.
• Stay away from savoury flavours.
• Don’t make it something you will only find in health stores or the health food aisle. It must balance health with indulgence.


Unleash your imagination by inventing a wholesome new snack that would satisfy our conflicting desires for a well-deserved indulgence while also being good for you.
● Maximum 3 pages including at least 1 visual of your product
● You are welcome to give your product a name and logo if you want.
● You are welcome to submit as many ideas as you want, each as a separate entry.
● You can participate in this contest with submissions in any artistic style you like: from a sketch to an illustration or a fully rendered 2D or 3D visual

Additional Info

You must read the attached brief in order to participate. Please ignore the list of adjectives in the online brief. The working document is the PDF brief you can donwload. It is short and contains all the information you need to maximize your chances of submitting an idea that could win.



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