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    Design_Elevator_3 by bgkoceto73

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Starts:11-Apr-14 1:11 a.m. GMT

Ends:24-Apr-14 1:11 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $749, was awarded to bgkocet...


Vector EPS, Layered PSD


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Creative brief

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Business Name

PFU Systems, Inc.

What do you do?

We are the US operation of PFU Limited, a Fujitsu Group companies, that is #1 kiosk provider in Japan, #1 document scanner under Fujitsu brand.

What is the product designed to do?

This elevator kiosk allows 1) the user to enter floor number that the user want to go, 2) read RFID and/or read magnetic stripe card and recognize which floor the card holder wants to / allows to go, 3) detect a person is coming to the kiosk with proximity sensor. In addition to them, it 1) provides office directory for large building / high rise with a larger screen as the option, 2) runs Video while no one use it.

List the size and weight requirement(s) for your product design

We need two mounting types, 1) Wall mount, 2) Pedestal / stand alone.
Pedestal / standalone needs to meet the US ADA 2010 regulation. (ADA2010 308, 407.4.6)
- Minimum screen height (low end of screen): 15", maximum screen height (upper part of screen): 48"
- Floor button minimum 3/4" or 19mm

Pedestal is preferred to be less than 50lbs

List all other important design requirements

Minimalistic, simple, easy to use, durable and easy to maintain.

See, competitor's web site;

Will this product need to be certified?


What is your industry?


Describe the end users of your product design

Office buildings and residential building users

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your product design?


What products will this new product compete with?


What is your target retail price?

TBD. This will be a part of elevator deals.

What product design styles do you like?

Simple, Sophisticated but durable.

What colors do you want to see in your product design?

No specification

What colors do you NOT want to see in your product design?

No specification

What adjectives should best describe your product design?

Simple, sophisticated,

Describe the operating environment for the product.

High rise office building entrance, residential complex entrance

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

I think that the competitor's kiosk is very well designed but two week points. 1) there is space between pad and wall. People put junk here. 2) pedestal design seems not rigid enough.

Brief updates

By hiroji on 11-Apr-14 5:05 p.m. GMT
If possible, I would like to get two type of design. The first is a main product that will use 8" to 12.4" touch panel portrait. 2nd is to accommodate office directory use and may use larger touch screen between 12.4" to 22" landscape. Both designs need to fit with wall mount and pedestal mount.
By hiroji on 11-Apr-14 7:34 p.m. GMT
Hello Great designers,

I look for conceptual renderings at this time.No detail specification is required. But 3D model based renderings would be preferable.
The core modules need to be able to mounted on both wall mount and pedestal mount.
Please do not make it bulky but consider rigidness especially for pedestal assuming the pedestal mode will be used in high traffic tall office building.
By hiroji on 14-Apr-14 5:34 p.m. GMT
Please put some angle between touch panel and wall to make entry easier as competitor kiosk does.
Also please prevent any gap between wall and touch panel especially upper part to prevent from the users putting trashes.