Starts: 6-Feb-13 2:12 a.m. GMT

Ends: 5-Mar-13 4:44 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $2200

Award 2: $1600

Award 3: $1000

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The smartphone case even Ives would be proud of (i.e. Jonathan Ives of Apple). Today the iPhonecases look like they are lesser versions of Apple design.

Just like beautiful clothes make the fashion model look even prettier this case will make the iPhone look even more well designed.

Update 6-Feb-13 GMT
If you feel the smartphone case has to be made e.g. in glass or beeing transparent then deviate from our specification as long as you still keep things cool and you convince us your Kung Fu is stronger. :)
Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
First we thank all creatives that have entered with a design so far. It is great to see all your ideas and now we want to show our appreciation for making your best efforts and hope to make our competition more attractive.

We have realized that just having one first price may not be enough. Therefore we now add a new first price, keep our old first price as second and we even add a third price as we extend the time for entry by 7 days.

We look forward to seeing your responses to our changes to make ours a better competition.

Good luck!
Update 17-Feb-13 GMT
When we say we want the case to look exclusive we don't mean it should have diamonds on it just to make it expensive but thinking high end jewelery, super cars or exclusive cigar etuis and precious metal, wood or leather is not far off where we are. But it's not up to us it's up to you to choose for your design.
Also exclusive means comfortable to us. We feel that our case should make you feel comfortable just like your favourite jeans, favourite jewlery or favourite sneakers that you wear everyday does.
Thank you all!
Update 2-Mar-13 GMT
Thank you all for your entries.

We need some more time to make our final picks.

Bare with us, and stay tuned.


Kim & Daniel