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Starts: 25-Aug-12 5:12 p.m. GMT

Ends: 7-Sep-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1500, was awarded to JuliusG...

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A belt mounted cooling device that provides a strong enough airflow to provide the wearer with evaporative cooling.

Update 25-Aug-12 GMT
Started the project with an incorrect end date.
Update 27-Aug-12 GMT
It seems there is some confusion with our description, hopefully this will help clarify.

Envision a larger sized smartphone on a wearer's belt, say 6" tall, 4" wide, and 2" thick (these are assumptions only). This would be the fan and controller. Beside it, or perhaps attached to it would be a battery, possibly a larger 14 volt lithium ion battery. It would be our assumption that this battery could be removable to allow for battery replacement when the battery would die allowing for a user to switch batteries and continue their activity. This belt worn device would be the controller and fan sucking in air. In order to blow the air inside of the wearer's shirt to provide cooling, it must enter the shirt. To do this, we envision some sort of vent/tube passing over the waistband of the pants and under the shirt tail. The shirt would then be tucked in on either side of the device forcing the fan exhaust to pass around the wearer's body and not simply blowing back out from under the shirt. This then means that the only way for air to exit the shirt would be out of the shirt's neck and sleeves.

To simplify, imagine walking around on a hot day and wishing there was a way to be cooler. Attaching a battery powered fan onto your belt and having that fan blow air (as forcefully as mechanically possible) under your shirt, evaporating any sweat present, greatly reducing your body temperature, and making you much more comfortable at whatever activity you are doing.
Update 27-Aug-12 GMT
A couple of issues with the brief.

The color for the project is black only.

The product that most closely resembles what we are working on is:

Update 31-Aug-12 GMT
Here is what a 14volt lithium ion rechargeable battery looks like. The unit does not have to use such a powerful battery for personal use, but for people working or needing extended use time a stronger battery would be needed. See the link below.